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Why Wool?

Natural wool carpeting is becoming more popular as consumers are looking toward a more natural, chemical-free lifestyle. It can be expensive, but it’s most likely the best flooring choice for homeowners who like the look or feel of carpeting but still want to use natural or organic materials. Here… Read More

2016 Tinley Park Home & Garden Expo

SAVE THE DATE for the the Tinley Park Home & Garden Expo 2016! Family-oriented with fun giveaways, prizes, special events, and food - while home remodeling specialists (including Creative Carpet & Flooring) will be there to discuss home improvement ideas and help turn your house… Read More

Fiber is important to any balanced diet

Carpet fiber is perhaps one of the biggest factors regarding the life and performance of carpet. Expectations of newly installed carpet are largely dependent on the molecular structure of the fiber. Of all the fibers nylon and polyester are the two biggest heavyweights in the carpet world. Although nylon’s supreme… Read More


Carpet 101 - Creative Carpet & Flooring You know that old saying ignorance is bliss? It’s not true unless you’re thinking about the government. Being educated on a subject will usually allow you to make better decisions and ultimately make you more comfortable with any decisions you make with… Read More

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