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How to Clean and Maintain Your Vinyl Floor

There are three key areas to clean and maintain your vinyl floor: 1.) Preventive Maintenance: Use walk-off mats at all entrances to help absorb moisture and collect soil. To avoid possible discoloration, make sure mats or area rugs do not have latex or rubber backings. Take a few extra minutes… Read More

Keeping Your Carpets Clean During the Holidays

Keeping Your Carpets Clean During the Holidays Of course, we want to keep the floors clean while entertaining our holiday guests. Some carpet stains can be a DIY job, where others are better left to the professionals. Either way, the most important thing for any spill that… Read More

Why you should deep clean your floors

Keeping your home clean is essential for not only comfort but your family’s health and well-being as well. CARPET – Carpets attract and hold onto many things that aggravate allergies and respiratory issues, including pet dander, dirt, dust, hair and pollutants. Regular cleaning will alleviate these symptoms, along… Read More

Why is vinyl flooring so popular and how long does it last?

A quality vinyl floor that is installed correctly and maintained regularly can last 10 to 20 years or more. A majority of the quality vinyl flooring products are even rated for lifetime wear. Adding to its popularity is its resilience and attractive, innovative finishes. If you are looking… Read More

Protecting Your Floors During the Summer

Summer is fun for us, but not so much for floors. Here are a few pointers so your floor can enjoy the summer just as much as you! The summer sun's UV rays can come through the windows and discolor the flooring and furniture it shines on. Some… Read More

Plan & Prep - Before Your Floor Arrives

PLAN & PREP BEFORE YOUR FLOOR ARRIVES 4 TIPS FOR A SMOOTH FLOORING INSTALLATION Installing new floors doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are four key steps to consider before the flooring of your dreams makes its grand entrance:   #1 - Move Furniture… Read More

Carpet Cleaning Tips and Care

Here's a few little tips for keeping your carpet clean ... because we want your carpet to stay clean longer! The first step towards keeping your carpet clean is never to buy any store-bought spot cleaners. Most store-bought spot cleaners are detergents and will leave a soapy residue on your… Read More

Carpet Cleaning and Floor Refinishing

There's tons of advice, myths and misinformaiton on cleaning your carpets refinishing hardwood. Especially since everyone has access to the world wide web! We want to clear the air on some common myths out there on cleaning your carpets or refinishing your hardwood floors! CARPET: You shouldn’t… Read More

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