To explain more about Stone Plastic Composite vinyl flooring, aka SPC vinyl flooring, we first need to talk a little about the basics of luxury vinyl flooring.

Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring Construction

plank flooring is typically composed of four layers of material. 

  1. EVP flooringWear layer: This is a transparent and scratch-resistant surface offering extra durability.
  2. Vinyl Layer: Printed decorative film applied to compressed vinyl
  3. Rigid Core Layer: Made of one of the four core materials mentioned below. The core is what determines what type of luxury vinyl flooring it is. 
  4. Base Layer: This is the bottom of your vinyl plank. It's usually made from foam or cork. Some feature an additional underlayment offering better sound absorption and protection from floor heating systems. 

Let's Talk About the Rigid Core

Now that you understand the layers, let's talk about the core. The core materials used in luxury vinyl flooring determine whether it is water-resistant or waterproof. Whatever polymer-based plank or tile flooring you use will include one of four core materials. Understanding these four cores will help you find the right flooring fit for the space. 

  • Wood Plastic Core (WPC) or Wood Composite Core (WCC): The perfect mix between laminate and vinyl. It is a blend of wood dust and PVC and is water-resistant. WPC is also an excellent option for those looking for a quiet underfoot. 
  • Composite Core (CC): While it lacks the wood fiber blend, this layer mixes PVC with calcium carbonate or other limestone filler. It's waterproof while offering a lighter weight. 
  • Solid PVC: This core material is much like a composite core but provides a different ratio of blended materials. It offers PVC resin to create a stronger substance.
  • Solid Polymer Core (SPC): As opposed to plastics and PVCs, this core uses a stone or cement material for its base. SPC cores are strong and rigid, making them excellent for withstanding scratches and dents. 

More Detailed Info on Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) Flooring

spc vinyl flooring

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Stone-plastic composite (SPC) flooring is a vinyl plank flooring with a rigid core created from powdered limestone, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizers. Occasionally referred to as "stone polymer composite flooring" or "solid polymer core," SPC vinyl planks are dense, dimensionally stable, quiet, and strong. SPC vinyl flooring was developed to be 100% waterproof. The planks will not swell or damage when subjected to humidity or even direct moisture. Look for SPC vinyl flooring planks that include an attached pad for better comfort and performance advantages for your home. 

Differences Between WPC and SPC Vinyl Flooring

Both floors can handle high traffic, incidental scratches, and everyday life's fast, fun pace! The basic distinction between WPC and SPC flooring comes from the rigid core layer. WPC = a wood core and SPC = a stone core:

  • WPC has a light and thick rigid core layer. It is soft underfoot, making it comfortable to stand or walk on for an extended duration. The more significant thickness gives WPC vinyl planks a warmer feel and the ability to absorb sound better.
  • SPC consists of a rigid core layer that is thin, dense, and compact making it more durable when it comes to impact. This compactness makes SPC vinyl flooring less likely to expand or contract during drastic temperature swings, improving the stability and longevity of your floor.

Great Places to Utilize SPC Flooring for your Home

Here are some typical household rooms where it is a good idea to utilize SPC vinyl flooring:

  • Home gym:  You won't have to worry about dropping weights or other equipment since SPC flooring can take a hit.
  • Sunroom: SPC flooring can handle extreme temperatures, so it will work well in three-season rooms that are not heated or cooled.
  • Kitchen or Workshop: No concerns about dents since SPC flooring can handle impact from dropped items.
  • Bathrooms or Laundry rooms: Any room where moisture is a concern since iSPC vinyl flooring is waterproof.

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