Jake Bouquet

Jake Bouquet

Clay Bouquet

Clay Bouquet

Tammy Bouquet

Tammy Bouquet

Mark Bouquet Sr.

Mark Bouquet Sr.

Mark Bouquet Jr.

Mark Bouquet Jr.

Cody Bouquet

Cody Bouquet

In 1990, with two small boys and a third on the way, my wife Tammy and I opened our doors for the first time.

Now, 28 years later with five boys, we’ve grown into a true family business.

  • Our oldest son, Mark Jr., has been working side-by-side with me for over a decade now, managing sales and day-to-day showroom operations.
  • You'll find our son Jake back in the warehouse making sure things stay humming along, or out in the field overseeing installations.
  • Our son Cody is the newest member of the family business, joining a few years ago as a Residential & Commercial Flooring Consultant.
  • Through it all Tammy has managed the "business" side of the business. She's overseen our expansion from a single location with one part-time employee to two locations in two states employing 15 people.

As we’ve grown, our extended “family” has also grown to include all of our truly amazing team members and wonderful carpet and flooring customers.

Tammy and I have raised our family to treat others with respect and integrity and to not be afraid to work hard for what you want. It's these family values that we bring into our business.

We promise to treat you just like family and commit to always look out for your best interest.

We welcome you to visit one of our showrooms and let us help you with your flooring needs.

Mark Bouquet, Sr
Owner, Creative Carpet & Flooring

Mark Bouquet Sr. (Founder & President)

While crawling on the floor at the age of 2, Mark was angered by the bad seams on the floor of his parent’s front room. It was obvious from the beginning that carpet was in his blood. Starting at age 19 he has climbed up the horizontal ladder of the flooring business. Since opening a retail store in 1990 with his wife Tammy, he has not even slowed down enough to look back. Today, Mark oversees everything “Creative Carpet and Flooring” as an ever-present body, as well as keeps all staff informed on all things political.

Tammy Bouquet (Chief Executive Officer)

Tammy. AKA… The Creative Carpet and Flooring air traffic controller. Nothing goes in or out of this company without her knowing. Billing, questions, payroll, and business systems - you name it. Having raised 5 sons, she is a seasoned veteran of running a circus and keeping things organized and grounded. She’s been married to Mark Sr. for over 30 years, so she has been in the carpet business for just as long as he. Spending most of her time running ALL the back-bone workings of this company, she is spotted in the showroom from time to time to gather some coffee before retreating again to the Creative Carpet and Flooring Underworld.

Mark Bouquet Jr. (Sales Manager & Sr. Flooring Consultant)

Mark Jr. started installing carpet as a youngster in order to prepare him to carry on the Creative Carpet legacy that his father built. Transferring from installations to sales in 2008, he now oversees the retail and commercial side of Creative Carpet and Flooring. His time is spent building systems, scanning blue prints, conference calls and being late for almost everything - unless it involves his clients. Committed to the integrity of the store and the happiness of his clients he is the example of how all companies should be run. He has 1 very cute daughter and 1 very cute son.

Jake Bouquet (Chief Operations Officer)

As master of all things coming and going, Jake spends his time making sure everything and everyone is in their designated positions. Moving at the speed of a cheetah and the efficiency of Prius, Jake manages to oversee all of the company's receiving, shipping, inventory, quality control, orders and deliveries. With his acute attention to detail he combs through every job to make sure that nothing gets missed. What would take the average man 8 hours to accomplish, Jake usually finishes by 9:00 am. With his extra time Jake joins forces with Gary Onate, and together they become an installation crew that can only be described as…

Cody Bouquet (Residential & Commercial Consultant)

Tammy and Mark have been building a Creative Carpet army for years. The newest and last Bouquet available to join the Creative Carpet ranks (until the 3rd generation shows up) is their youngest son, Cody. The 5th member of the 2nd generation, we threw him into the warehouse to fend for himself and address him lovingly as Version 2.5. He has moved up to helping with retail and contract sales, but he is also still handles shipping, receiving and general warehouse inventory - he is generally the only one sweating or doing anything physical around here in this office. It is not like we can be expected to change our own water fountain jugs... those things are like 40 lbs. Showing up eager and ready every morning and working hard, he is a great addition to this company. Learning the business first hand from his older brothers has its challenges because it is very clear that Tammy loves him the most which does cause for a tense work environment.

Clay Bouquet (Warehouse)

Bio coming soon!

Chris Boerema (Director of Operations)

Meeting as youngsters, Chris and Mark Jr. have been best friends ever since, and he has been part of the Bouquet family for over a decade. Their longtime friendship allows Chris and Mark Jr. to work side by side without incident, and it is said they can communicate via mental telepathy. Chris is settling in as a utility employee, encompassing most aspects of day-to-day operations in order to fill in wherever needed - including writing these ridiculous bios. With a career in flooring and a hobby of scuba diving most of his life is spent looking down.

Brian Berson (Flooring Consultant)

Carpet. Hardwood. Vinyl. Tile. 23 years in flooring business. Carpet. 2 Kids. Carpet. Long time in business. Carpet. Hardwood. Dog. Knows a lot about carpet. Tile. LVT. Hardwood. Super Experienced. Carpet. Personable. Hardwood. An expert in his field. Carpet. Has seen it all in flooring business. Carpet. Hardwood. LVT.

Michelle Cress (Flooring Consultant)

Bio coming soon!

Ron Dunn (Estimator & Commercial Consultant)

Bio coming soon!

Steve Williams (Flooring Consultant)

If you hear a booming voice as you’re pulling into the parking lot, it is probably Steve Williams. Steve has been in the carpet industry since 1998. His experience installing and selling all flooring types helps him understand the flooring industry from the ground up. That gives him precisely no more than ¾ of an inch of understanding. Steve is an upbeat employee that will help make any customer’s shopping experience a fantastic one. Just be warned there will no fewer than 2 “grandpa jokes” during your sales experience.

Dawn Churchill (Accounts Payable)

"The Dawns"

Deep in the heart of Creative Carpet and Flooring lies a small but mystical room. Cut off from natural light this room pulsates with a light all its own. Known as D1 and D2 these two Dawns are responsible for so many things. Marketing, payroll, billing, pricing and updating our samples, these two are about as efficient as 3 Dawns. They have often been seen taking a 4 minute break mid-day to dance but nobody says anything because whatever they are doing -- it’s working.

Dawn Giganti (Marketing)

Alexis Giganti (Administrative Assistant)

Alexis' mother, Dawn Giganti (see above for an older version of Alexis) forced her daughter to work here as an administration assistant. Bringing a youthful energy to the back office, she is the first to roll her eyes at her mother's embarrassing dance parties. As a former captain of her high school winter guard, she is often seen twirling and spinning full carpet rolls to music just to show off. Now that she has graduated high school and officially knows everything, she will see where the world takes her.

Dana Krizmanic (Residential & Commercial Consultant)

Bio coming soon!

Gary Onate (“The Greatest Carpet Installer in the Chicago-Metropolitan Area”)

One of life’s greatest questions is: Who came first, Gary Onate or carpet itself? With more than 40+ years in the industry and 20+ years of service with Creative, Gary is Creative Carpet and Flooring’s longest, and most seasoned, employee. He taught Mark Sr. how to install carpet, and the two have stuck together for the last 30 years. Gary is the “in-the- home” face for almost every job that runs through the store. He goes to almost every client’s house and gathers all measurements and information to ensure that our clients’ order and installation will go smoothly. His free time is spent on his boat fishing. Most people do not know this but he has singlehandedly caught every large-mouth bass in a 300 mile radius of Chicago.

Brad Pertchi (Distribution Center Associate)

Known as our "warehouse hero" or sometimes "hey you” - he flies through the warehouse on the forklift (but not fast in case OSHA is reading) organizing carpet rolls, moving pallets, unloading trucks, and leaping tall scaffolds in a single bound. Well… maybe not a single bound. When he puts away his cape and puts on his Clark Kent get-up is when you will find he likes football, softball, golf, playing drums, eating Chinese food and frog legs. The rest of the staff has let the frog legs thing slide… but getting past the fact that he is a Green Bay Packers fan has proven to be quite difficult. Since he is an ordained minister, we are all afraid to harm him in fear we might get struck by lightning or something. So instead, we send him out in the snow in only a t-shirt because he apparently enjoys suffering in the cold.

Ruby and Milo Bouquet

Ruby is now working hard in school and memorizing her prayers and going to school. She contagiously increases the quality of life and morale of everyone she encounters. Her favorite band is Mumford and Sons, and she wants to be a veterinarian with lots of kittens.

Milo is a toddler, spending the majority of his days having fits and tantrums. When he's not doing that, he's the most delicious and silliest thing there ever was. He enjoys biting the heads off bugs and swinging from the chandelier. He wants to be a dinosaur when he grows up so he can roar loud, loud and louder yet.

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