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Carpet Care & Cleaning

The only vacuum to use sonic cleaning technology. Keep your premium soft style carpet looking and feeling its very best.

Properly cleaning and maintaining your soft style carpet is very important. Many traditional vacuums use stiff and aggressive brush roll bristles, which can damage and prematurely wear your carpet.

The Soniclean SFC-7000 Soft Carpet vacuum uses special nylon bristles in combination with innovative sonic cleaning technology to gently, but effectively clean your soft style carpet.

Clean & Maintain Premium Soft Style Carpet

  • Easy to push and pull across dense, soft style carpet
  • Patented sonic cleaning technology
  • Superior suction and cleaning performance
  • Recommended by leading carpet manufacturers (and us!)
  • Patented hospital-grade HEPA filtration system

Developed with Mohawk Industries and awarded the highest performance certification for carpet cleaning and maintenance by The Carpet & Rug Institute, the Soniclean Soft Carpet makes vacuuming easy and keeps your carpet looking and feeling its very best!


The Soft Carpet vacuum easily, thoroughly, and gently cleans premium synthetic and natural (wool) carpets.


The #1 AID for your carpet and floor
Easy * Fast * Reliable

  • Extremely effective carpet stain remover powers out the toughest stains quickly and easily
  • Eliminates both oil and water-based stains – no matter how old
  • No rubbing or scrubbing required
  • Effortlessly wipes out difficult stains: Pet stains, Grease, Cola, Coffee, Wine, Food spills, Ink, Shoe polish, Lipstick, Blood, plus many others!

Carpet Shield®

Carpet Protection film that keeps floors clean and damage-free while building, remodeling or painting.
This self-adhering film does not shift and is highly resistant to tears.

Professional spot remover for carpets and upholstery

Spot & Stain Remover

Formulated with a soft water conditioner that leaves carpet & upholstery softer and brighter, without breaking down natural fibers. Removes grease, oil, dirt… just spray on and blot.

Luxury Vinyl Floor Care & Cleaning

Karndean logo

Karndean’s Floor Care Kit

Karndean’s Floor Care Kit contains all you need to clean and maintain your floor. It includes:

  • Karndean Clean
  • Karndean Remove
  • Karndean Refresh
  • Floor Protector Pack
  • Refresh Pad and Remove Pad
  • Applicator
  • Floor Care Guide

Regular Cleaning

Kardean Clean bottle

Karndean Clean

Regular cleaning with a pH neutral cleaner such as Karndean Clean will help keep your floor at its best.

For an occasional refresh

Every six to twelve months you may want to treat your floor to some extra care to further enhance its look and durability.

Karndean Remove bottle

Karndean Remove

Karndean Remove helps to prepare your floor before applying Karndean Refresh.

Kardean Refresh bottle

Karndean Refresh

Karndean Refresh creates a satin finish to your floor and helps protect it from marks and fine scratches.

Armstrong Flooring logo

Armstrong® S-480 Commercial Floor Polish: S-480 (1 GALLON)

  • All Armstrong commercial vinyl floor coverings except Excelon SDT
  • Asphalt and rubber tile
  • Linoleum
  • Ceramic - although not of much value on glazed ceramic
  • Slate and terrazzo although other products are designed for better results

Do Not Use For: Wood and marble

Armstrong® Once ’n Done Resilient & Ceramic Floor Cleaner: S-330 (1 GALLON)

  • All Armstrong residential vinyl floorings
  • Formica and fiberglass
  • Rubber tile - except for Crowne Disc
  • Asphalt tile (properly diluted only - do not use full strength)
  • Ceramic, marble, granite and slate (properly diluted only - do not use full strength)
  • Terrazzo - (properly diluted only - do not use full strength)

Do Not Use For: Linoleum, wood or cork