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Pet Perfect Carpet

If you have pets and want to maintain a clean home, what is the best type of carpet for your home with dogs and cats?

We've been in the flooring business for several decades, and we recommend a carpet that provides warmth and is resistant to staining, fading, and bleach. This makes it realistically easy for you to keep clean. Plus, the warmth of the carpet will keep your pets warm in the winter and comfy soft all year round. Our pets enjoy it. That's right, most of the people that work at Creative Carpet & Flooring in Mokena and Highland have pets.

Why Pet Perfect logo?

Ultra-Durable Is Best for Pets

Shaw Floors and Anderson Tuftex put ANSO® High-Performance Carpet to the test to prove it is designed for durability. Even after five years of spills, messes, pet accidents, and mishaps – this carpet will look as wonderful as it does on day one compared to traditional P.E.T.

Stain Protection Is Ideal for Pet Pee

Innovated for total surface protection against stubborn stains, Pet Perfect is designed for ultimate resistance to staining, fading, and bleach.

- Advanced fade and bleach protection

- Built-in stain resistance

Easy Cleaning For Dog Hair and Cat Hair

Pet Perfect’s innovative fiber easily releases pet hair during vacuuming for quick and easy clean-up.

Worry-Free With Pet Stain Warranty

Pet Perfect’s 20-year warranty covers all pet stains, giving you peace of mind. Furthermore, Pet Perfect+ styles with LifeGuard® Spill-Proof Technology come with a 25-year warranty covering all pet stains.

For People, The Planet & Pets

Easier cleaning means less harsh chemicals. Designed to support healthy home goals. Pet Perfect carpet is constructed to last longer, look better, and clean with ease. This carpet is an ideal option for sustainable lifestyles.


What Makes Pet Perfect logoPerfect?

What's the Best Carpet for Pets?

Produced with ANSO® High-Performance Carpet

Elevated above traditional P.E.T. for more durability

Resistant to bleach and other household cleaners

Formulated for easy cleaning (with R2X®)

Effective for the life of the floor – industry-leading warranty

Completely covered, carpet to cushion

Two backing technologies – SoftBac® & LifeGuard®

Produced with ANSO High-Performance Carpet

For more than 50 years, ANSO has been a name you have come to trust in the industry. Beloved for its quality, durability, and design, ANSO Nylon’s success has been unmatched. Until now.

Innovators at Shaw developed something so different and special; we welcome our new High-Performance P.E.T. to the ANSO family with open arms. You can expect your floors to meet rigorous ANSO quality standards regardless of fiber type.

Elevated above traditional P.E.T. for more durability

Shaw has re-engineered the P.E.T. fiber for ultimate durability. So, this isn’t quite your grandmother’s Polyester.

The yarn has a high memory twist level (up to 50%) and can take a high heat process, creating a stronger yarn with a permanent twist. As a result, enabling an easy release of soil & hair.

The End Result? A proven* ANSO High-Performance Carpet that looks newer 2x longer compared to Traditional P.E.T.

*Sample tested using the certified 20,000 S.T.E.P.S. Contract Walker Test

Resistant to bleach and other household cleaners

Pet Perfect products are made with ColorGuard, our patented technology that resists bleach and fading due to sunlight.

Extreme Resistance to bleach and common household cleaners.

Ultimate Protection against color loss and fading – guaranteed!

Trusted Warranty 20+ year warranties to cover all pet and most household cleaner stains.

Formulated for easy cleaning (with R2X®)

R2X (resistance times two) is a stain & soil treatment designed to provide exceptional liquid repellency and soil resistance for ease of maintenance.

Unlike topical treatments, Shaw’s unique chemistry is molecularly bonded during the manufacturing process to provide long-term stain protection. This means:

·         You have protection even after repeated cleanings.

·         The chemistry also easily releases pet hair during vacuuming.

Effective for the life of the floor – industry-leading warranty

All stains are covered with our industry-leading 20+ year Lifetime Limited Warranties.

Pet Perfect badge

Pet Perfect

Pet Perfect + badge

Pet Perfect+

Soil & Stain Resistance

Limited Lifetime

Limited Lifetime

Pet Pee



Pet Poo



Pet Puke






Texture Retention, Abrasive Wear, Quality Assurance

20 Years

25 Years

Fade Resistance Due to Sunlight or Bleach



30-Day Customer Satisfaction



*Please refer to the full warranties for complete details and exclusions.

Completely covered, carpet to cushion –

True innovation is the sum of all its parts. In addition to the innovations in ANSO High-Performance P.E.T., Pet Perfect products are treated with both R2X and ColorGuard through Shaw’s proprietary CleanStart process. Above all, Shaw’s products are resistant to soil, stains, bleach, and fading.

As a result, the carpet starts clean, stays clean, and remains beautiful for years to come.

Two backing technologies – SoftBac® & LifeGuard®

Pet Perfect carpet styles feature SoftBac® Platinum, which offers a no-wrinkle guarantee, improved sound absorption, and enhanced comfort underfoot.

Furthermore, all Pet Perfect+ styles are backed by Blue with LifeGuard Spill-Proof Technology. Hence, this reduces pet odors and means your cushion and subfloor are protected from every type of pet accident.

Why LifeGuard® Spill-proof Technology?

·         Pet-proof

·         Cleaner home

·         Easy to clean

·         Worry-proof

·         Reduces odor

·         Active family


Come and see Pet Perfect Carpet featuring ANSO® High-Performance Carpet and the Pet Perfect promise for yourself at Creative Carpet & Flooring. In fact, we have two locations to serve you – Mokena, IL, and Highland, IN. Of course, we can help you obtain this ULTRA DURABLE, EASY-TO-CLEAN CARPET in your own home. Indeed, you can own the confidence of cleanliness and long-lasting beauty with Shaw Floors and Anderson Tuftex’s ultra-durable Pet Perfect. Above all, you will be backed by an industry-leading warranty.