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Does sound reducing floors really work?

Unless you live alone, you can hear the noise from everyone beyond the room they're in. Even worse is the sounds seeping through your flooring and into the rooms below. The solution to noise overflow within your home is sound reducing floors. Where to Install Floor Insulation? To… Read More

Adding Value to Your Home for a Lifetime

Add color – Experts agree that painting a few rooms in your house is the best and cheapest way to increase your home value. However, choosing the right paint colors is critical. Kitchen, light blue to soft gray-blue. Bedroom, light blues. Bathroom, light powder blue to periwinkle. Living… Read More

Our Favorite Green or Red Flooring

GREEN or RED? Or maybe BOTH! What colors do you think of when it comes to Christmas? Is it the beautifully wrapped presents, Christmas decorations like a Christmas tree, or Santa and his reindeer? Maybe it’s spending time with family, a huge Christmas feast. For us at Creative… Read More

How to Clean and Maintain Your Vinyl Floor

There are three key areas to clean and maintain your vinyl floor: 1.) Preventive Maintenance: Use walk-off mats at all entrances to help absorb moisture and collect soil. To avoid possible discoloration, make sure mats or area rugs do not have latex or rubber backings. Take a few extra minutes… Read More

Flooring Trends to Expect in 2020

Waterproof, texture and colors... get inspired with a sneak peek of what flooring trends to expect in 2020 Wood-look In laminate, vinyl and ceramic tile for people who want that wood look without the hardwood price. Flooring that mimics hardwood continues to be the number one flooring trend… Read More

Vinyl Floors - Floating versus Glue Down

Vinyl Floors - Floating versus Glue Down Glue down flooring is a permanent kind of vinyl floor that is capable of enduring impacts, scuffs and spills. This type of flooring adheres to the sub-floor underneath it by glue on the backside. Glue down installation is best for heavy… Read More

Vinyl Flooring - Everything You Need to Know

Vinyl flooring is becoming more popular because you have options beyond sheet vinyl and tile vinyl floors. Vinyl flooring is inexpensive, versatile and easy to clean and maintain. There is an excellent variety of choices with vinyl flooring imitating tile, stone and hardwood floors. For example, you can… Read More

Flooring Warehouse BLOW-OUT Sale!

Mark your calendars because we're clearing out our warehouse of overstock and discontinued products at our FLOORING WAREHOUSE BLOW-OUT SALE! ONE DAY ONLY! Saturday, October 19, 2019 9am to 3pm Material only - no installation - no holds - Cash, check or credit cards only located at… Read More

Why you should deep clean your floors

Keeping your home clean is essential for not only comfort but your family’s health and well-being as well. CARPET – Carpets attract and hold onto many things that aggravate allergies and respiratory issues, including pet dander, dirt, dust, hair and pollutants. Regular cleaning will alleviate these symptoms, along… Read More

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