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Time on the Floor is Time Well Spent

Floor time helps families open communication with each other. Everyone is at the same level which can help expand that engagement and connection that all families need. Floor time encourages back-and-forth play interactions, shared attention and helps families focus on each other. We encourage all families with,… Read More

2018 Carpet & Decorating Trends

Color of 2018: Gold Rush Are you interested in being on trend when it comes to home decorating? This year, Shaw has announced it's 2018 color of the year as "Gold Rush." Gold Rush refers to a gold inspired color pallet with a special focus on accents. Shaw's color of… Read More

Protect Your Floor from Winter

“Weather” you like it or not, it’s coming… WINTER! Along with that comes the wet dirty slush and salt. Here are a few quick tips to protect you floors from the winter elements. Shaw Biltmore Ancient Grey 8 in Laminate Our Top Tips to Protect Your Floors During… Read More

In Honor of Veterans Day

Our Flag Still Waves Because You Never Wavered The Creative Carpet & Flooring Team has strong ties to Veteran's Day. We think sharing our personal stories is the best tribute and honor that we can give to all the veterans that we know. Here are our Veteran's Day stories:… Read More

Customers are Family, Too!

Family Owned & Operated Business Creative Carpet & Flooring Inc. is a family owned and operated business. The family behind the business is the Bouquet Family. Mark Bouquet, Sr. is the Founder & President. Creative Carpet & Flooring Inc. is a family owned and operated business. The family… Read More

Help Rescue Animals Get the Human Interaction They Need

Visit rescue animals at a local shelter for a day to help the animals get the human interaction and affection they need. You’ll get the cute fix that you need, too! Check out for help finding volunteer opportunities at some local shelters. Volunteering with family or friends as… Read More

We Love Pets at Creative Carpet & Flooring!

Sit, Stay & Save Event 2017 Two years ago, at the pet event, my mom had been upset with me for preventing a dog from getting adopted about 3 times. I responded with, “well then, I’ll adopt him.” She laughed at that idea, but I was serious. All day I asked… Read More

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