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Help Rescue Animals Get the Human Interaction They Need

Visit rescue animals at a local shelter for a day to help the animals get the human interaction and affection they need. You’ll get the cute fix that you need, too! Check out for help finding volunteer opportunities at some local shelters. Volunteering with family or friends as… Read More

We Love Pets at Creative Carpet & Flooring!

Sit, Stay & Save Event 2017 Two years ago, at the pet event, my mom had been upset with me for preventing a dog from getting adopted about 3 times. I responded with, “well then, I’ll adopt him.” She laughed at that idea, but I was serious. All day I asked… Read More

What Makes It Outdoor Carpet?

Carpet Belongs Outdoors Too! Remember the days when outdoor carpeting looked like a sad, green grass knock-off gone wrong? Not only did it look bad, but green, blue, gray and sometimes black were your only color choices - not to mention the quality was not made to last. Outdoor carpet… Read More

How Waterproof is Shaw’s LifeGuard™ Carpet Backing?

A Pool Made From Carpet? Learn About Shaw Lifeguard Carpet For all those active households with pets and kids, we all know that accidents are going to happen. If you have an active household, Shaw Lifeguard carpet is for you. Even with eyes in the back of your head, you… Read More

My Child has Asthma, I Want Carpet but What Should I Look for?

The Pros & Cons of Carpet for Asthma There are pros and cons to all flooring. Carpeting is known to be an ideal environment for dust mites and pet dander. However, it traps dust so it isn’t circulating around the room and stays put until vacuumed.  Hard surface flooring is… Read More

Spring Tips for Hardwood Flooring

Spring is here and so is the dirt and mud! It’s the perfect time to talk about the best ways to care for your hardwood flooring to extend the life and keep the costs of repair down. Use Doormats at All Entry Points Place interior and exterior doormats at all… Read More

I was told that new carpets will off-gas for at least 2 years. Is this true?

This article explains the carpet off-gassing process and how it might affect your home. To learn more feel free to stop in one of our showrooms in Mokena or Highland. Off-Gassing Decreases Significantly Several Months After Installation Carpets can emit VOCs for five years or possibly more, although the off-gassing… Read More

How Important is Carpet Cleaning? How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

Clean Carpet Every 6 - 18 Months Professional carpet cleaning is essential to the life of the carpet, protects traffic lanes and helps retain warranties. How often it is required depends on the type of carpet and the conditions your carpet is exposed to. Ordinarily, this could range from… Read More

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