Keeping Your Carpets Clean During the Holidays

Keeping Your Carpets Clean During the Holidays

Keeping Your Carpets Clean During the Holidays

Of course, we want to keep the floors clean while entertaining our holiday guests. Some carpet stains can be a DIY job, where others are better left to the professionals. Either way, the most important thing for any spill that occurs on any floor is to take care of it immediately.

Never use any store-bought spot cleaners on your carpet.  Most store-bought spot cleaners are detergents and will leave a soapy residue on your carpet.  Just pour a little in your hand and see the soap! The worst part is you will start seeing dark spots whever you use this cleaner because the soap is a magnet to dirt. You won’t feel it but, over time, will start seeing these dark spots!

If the stain is from a natural source like blood, vomit, urine and wine -

First, you will need a spray bottle.  You will want to mix 3 ounces of peroxide with 1 ounce of clear ammonia.  Most importantly, no water!  Spray it on the spot and cover with a dinner plate or coffee saucer.  After that, leave it alone for 24 hours, and the spot should disappear.  If it is still visible and needs another treatment, repeat the process.

If it is NOT from a natural source, like grease -

We recommend our soap-free spotter available for purchase.  If it is wet, blot the spot with a cotton towel first.  If it is dry, apply our soap-free spotter.  Agitate gently with your finger and wait about 1 minute; then, blot with a cotton towel, and the spot should absorb into the towel.

We might not be able to help you with your holiday guests, but we’ll do everything we can to help your carpet! Creative Carpet & Flooring’s very own soap-free professional SPOT Remover for Carpets & Upholstery is available for purchase! Powerful, yet free of soap, detergent & fragrance-free. It’s made with all-natural ingredients that are asthma & allergy-safe, safe for humans, pets, the environment and nontoxic. It’s the same solution we bring to your carpet cleanings! 16-oz. bottle $8.99 ~OR  16-oz. LIFETIME refillable bottle $24.99! Swing by and grab one today to prepare for the upcoming holidays!

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