Luxurious Bathroom Ideas

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Looking for luxurious bathroom ideas that remind you of a getaway to a spa in your own home? That is absolutely doable! However, you want to make sure you choose the correct flooring because water is everywhere. Moisture will quickly ruin the wrong flooring. Here are some luxurious bathroom flooring ideas to get the most out of your spa getaway.

FLOORING TO AVOID – carpet & solid hardwood

Wall-to-wall carpeting and solid hardwood are both floorings that you want to avoid in the bathroom. If you must have carpet in the bathroom, make sure the pile is low and the material is olefin or nylon. When it comes to solid hardwood, there is protection against moisture. Even with zero gaps for moisture, it can still become an issue.

FLOORING THAT ISN’T IDEAL – engineered wood & laminate

Engineered wood and laminate flooring are not ideal floorings to have in the bathroom, but not entirely impossible. Engineered wood has a plywood base that can hold up against moisture, but any type of wood product is prone to water damage in bathrooms no matter how well it might be protected. Same with laminate flooring because it has a wood chip base.

FLOORING GREAT FOR BATHROOMS – porcelain or ceramic tile & vinyl

Porcelain or ceramic tile has many style choices and cleans up well. They work well with radiant heating and have a great resale value.

Luxurious Bathroom Ideas

Porcelain tile is the best of all worlds for bathroom flooring, as it is waterproof, stylish and cost-effective. Porcelain tile can achieve a deep, textured, solid feeling. It is waterproof, relatively inexpensive and looks great. When it comes to ceramic tile, the sky limits creating the exact floor you want. There is such an abundance of different ceramic tiles; there are even ceramic tiles that look like stone or wood. Both types of tiles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Tile cleans up well and resists even standing pools of water. Tile is known to be cold; however, you can warm the entire floor using a radiant heat flooring system like WarmlyYours. To help combat the floor being slippery when wet, smaller tiles can help because more grout is used, making more of a non-skid surface.

Any vinyl flooring (sheet, plank or tile) is 100% waterproof and relatively cost-effective.


Vinyl has been a popular flooring choice in bathrooms for decades because it is practical and looks great. Sheet vinyl flooring is your number one choice when extreme amounts of water are expected. Sheet vinyl comes in large sizes, so it is installed with little to no seams in a small bathroom. Luxury vinyl flooring (LVT or LVP) is trendy and comes in widths of around 5” and lengths of about 48” with endless options. Quality Luxury vinyl flooring can be hard to distinguish from ceramic tile or hardwood. So, the sky is the limit for matching your ideal design style and any décor.

Don’t let your luxurious bathroom turn into a soggy nightmare. Visit the Flooring Consultants at Creative Carpet & Flooring to help you select the correct flooring to get the most out of your home spa getaway.


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