Realistic vinyl flooring options

There are more colors, styles, qualities and patterns in luxury vinyl flooring than ever before. Over the last 20 years, significant improvements in photographic, vinyl production and printing technology have rendered wood-look LVT flooring indistinguishable from genuine hardwood flooring. Thus, luxury vinyl flooring has matched and even exceeded natural wood in design, durability, value and practicality. In fact, it can be challenging to tell the difference between premium wood-look LVT flooring and the real thing. To illustrate, below are a few of my favorite realistic vinyl flooring styles.


Karndean's DaVinci in Natural Oak

Natural Oak's classic golden oak hues are highlight the clean linear grain and knot details. With subtle color variation plank to plank, its 36" x 3" design lends itself to more creative laying patterns, particularly herringbone and chevron.


Karndean's DaVinci in Harvest Oak

Harvest Oak encapsulates the unique characteristics of aged wood without the practical drawbacks. Harvest Oak boasts dark blonde hues. Therefore, the linear grain details of this wood-look design lends itself to more contemporary interiors.

realistic vinyl flooring

Karndean's Van Gogh in Charred Oak

Meticulously replicating the distinctive look of smoked oak, Charred Oak planks radiate bold warmth with striking visuals. In detail, this wood effect design brings character to modern spaces with dark, golden amber tones and dusky charcoal brown characteristics.


Stanton's Woodlands in Toasted Oak

Inspired by European Oak, Woodlands has a subtle white-washed look with a visible grain. Visually stunning and ultra-chic. In addition, Stanton Shield protection ensures your floors will look beautiful for years to come.

realistic vinyl flooring

Shaw's Antica HD Plus in Orso

Antica HD Plus is sparked by a coalition of aesthetics, fusing mixed species, colors and textures for the timeless charm and design-forward visuals. Therefore, Antica HD Plus in Orso will not disappoint.

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