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Looking for Good Deals on Flooring in Mokena, IL?

So, you are looking for good deals on flooring in Mokena, IL or Highland, IN. We know floor covering is an important purchase. When redecorating, floor covering represents a big part of this investment. A beautiful, quality floor provides the foundation for the interior beauty of your home. However, it can become overwhelming when looking for good deals on flooring with all the flooring choices. Here is a little advice to help you come to a decision.


How to assess quality


Anderson Tuftex - Divine Retreat in Pashmina

  • Face weight – A higher face weight means more yarn and a longer-lasting product.
  • Density – A density of 3,000 or more is ideal. For extra heavy traffic, you should go with a minimum of 5,000.
  • Twist level – The higher the twist level, the better. It is best to go with a twist level of 5+.
  • Fiber type – Different fibers have different characteristics, and some fiber types work better in certain situations than others. So, this all depends on where you are installing the carpet. The most popular, though, is nylon.
  • Style – Low pile carpet is good for high traffic, less likely to mat. Long pile or high-level loops is perfect for bedrooms when you want more comfort.
  • Padding – Most people do well with a 7/16” re-bond pound that is a minimum of 6lbs (preferably 8lbs+). The Carpet Cushion Council recommends a cushion of at least 5lbs and 3/8-inch thickness for light traffic areas and 6.5 lbs.

Average price installed

  • Average cost: $3.25 - $12.50 per sq. ft.

How often need to be replaced

  • Replace every 5 to 15 years


How to assess quality

Good deals on flooring in Mokena

Paramount - Acacia Hand-scraped in Hazelnut

  • Solid & engineered – Solid wood flooring is milled from solid wood logs, then joined with traditional tongue and groove down the long and short edges. Solid wood flooring needs to be installed on the ground floor or above grade because it is known to expand and contract pertinent to a home’s humidity. Engineered wood flooring consists of various layers of plywood and composite material, then topped with a layer of solid hardwood. Engineered flooring is perfect for basements and bathrooms where dampness and moisture can be issues.
  • Wood Species – Some are harder and therefore more durable than others. Red and white oak are the most customary domestic wood floors. Hickory and maple are harder than oak, while walnut is softer. Exotic woods like Brazilian Cherry are among the hardest species available. The harder the wood, the more suitable it will be in high-traffic areas of the home.
  • Sanding and refinishing – Solid hardwood can be re-sanded several times. Engineered hardwood can be refinished 1-3 times depending on the quality. If it is hand-scraped, it can usually be refinished once.

Average price installed

  • Average cost: $6.00 - $26.00 per sq. ft.

How often need to be replaced

  • Replace every 100 years


How to assess quality

luxury vinyl

Karndean - Knight Tile Rigid Core in White Painted Pine

  • Wear layer thickness – At least 8 mil or 2mm thick for a room with moderate traffic. High traffic areas, 20 mil or 5mm thick.
  • Underlayment – You want an underlayment that is thin and firm. Usually, your planks or tiles will specify recommended underlayment. Check there first.
  • Total thickness – This should be at least 4mm thick luxury vinyl flooring. The range is generally 2mm-7mm. Stay away from below 3mm if your sub-floor is not perfectly smooth.

Average price installed

  • Average cost: $3.00 - $9.00 per sq. ft.

How often need to be replaced

  • Replace every 10 to 20 years


How to assess quality

Good deals on flooring in Mokena

Virginia Tile - Calacatta IV in Vallelunga

  • Thickness – Tiles range from 1/4 to 3/4 inch thick. The thicker the tile, the less likely it is to crack or break.
  • Wearability – Ceramic tile is rated by the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) for wearability. This is a number rating scale that goes from a PEI classification of 0 (not good) to 5 (very good).
  • Hardness and moisture resistance – The higher the hardness and moisture resistance, the better.

Average price installed

  • Average cost: $10.50 to $15.50 per sq. ft.

How often need to be replaced

  • Replace every 50 years


How to assess quality


Shaw Floors - Manor Ridge in Ashlee Gray

  • Thickness – Available in 6 to 12 mm. The higher the strength, the more resistant. 7 mm is sufficient in most homes.
  • Wear layer – Determines its abrasion resistance. NK 21 is good for moderate use, where NK 23 is for heavy use.
  • Look of the floor – Higher-quality laminate floors have patterns with enough variety that they look natural. If the floor looks machine-made, it is of lower quality.
  • Direct or high-pressure material – High-pressure laminate is a newer technology and often of better quality.
  • UV surface – Helps keep the printed hardwood image on the flooring in good condition.
  • ISO ratings – Good-quality laminate has an ISO rating of 9001.
  • NALFA Certification Seal –The North American Laminate Flooring Association ( certifies laminates after subjecting them to 10 quality-assurance tests, including water resistance, stain resistance and durability under various other forms of stress.

Average price installed

  • Average cost: $4.99 to $9.25 per sq. ft.

How often need to be replaced

  • Replace every 15 to 25 years


How to assess quality

Good deals on flooring in Mokena

Nourison - Fusion in Cream Grey

  • Knots Per Square Inch (KPSI) – The number of knots within a rug determines the density, durability, and clarity of pattern. The more knots, the higher the quality.
  • Detail – A sharp pattern means more time and hand-labor was taken to build a clear and precise design.
  • Weaving Technique – Machine-made rugs are produced in mass but are not considered works of art. Hand-tufted rugs are constructed by shooting pieces of wool or other fiber through a canvas by means of an automated gun. Hand-knotted rugs are the highest quality rug. These rugs are knotted by hand by a weaver at a loom, using age-old weaving techniques.
  • Material – To create a high-quality rug, one must begin with high-quality wool or silk – specifically high-grade pure wool or silk. High-quality wool and silk have a high luster to them. The top-quality materials are handspun wool or silk that have not been blended with synthetic materials.
  • Dyes – Chemical, vegetable and natural. Natural and vegetal dyes are more valuable because they are more aesthetically pleasing and requires skills that take significant time to cultivate. Chemical dyes are not used in high-quality wool or silk hand-knotted rugs.
  • Length of Pile – In many cases, a low pile indicates better quality.
  • Age – A well-maintained, hand-knotted rug that is old is likely a valuable antique collectible.

Average price installed

  • Average cost: $400 - $10,000

How often need to be replaced

  • Replace every 8 to 10 years


Warranties protect you in three ways:

  1. Defect warranty: Even the best manufacturers can sometimes send out a product with a defect. A quality manufacturer will replace it at no cost. This is termed the “defect warranty,” and it protects you in case this happens. No matter what you are buying (toaster, TV, computer, floor covering, etc.), any honest, ethical company will replace it or fix it if it is defective. This is good, old-fashioned business decency and how we operate at Creative Carpet & Flooring.
  2. Installation warranty: No two installations are the same. It is a complex process requiring training. Installers are human beings, and even the best installers can make a human “error” sometimes. But YOU should not have to pay for the error. An installation warranty protects you in case a mistake is made during the installation.
  3. Stain Warranty: Stain Warranties work like an insurance policy if you accidentally spill something on your carpet that will not come out. A regular stain warranty might last five years, but many stores give you the option to purchase 10-year, 15-year and even lifetime warranties. Warranties are crucial! We believe in warranties and offer them on all our products. NEVER buy flooring without a written warranty.

Just about every dealer offers some kind of warranty or “guarantee.” But here is the problem - Unethical “discount” dealers might offer a warranty to get you to buy, but if a problem comes up, they simply refuse to honor the warranty that you paid for. Read more on this predatory sales tactic in Flooring Consumer’s Guider HERE.

Installation –

To save a few dollars, you might be enticed into tackling floor installation yourself. Many homeowners choose the DIY approach instead of having a professional installation. This sounds like a beneficial idea, but you could end up costing yourself a bunch of money without assistance from a professional flooring installer.

Choosing new flooring for your home and having them installed is exciting. However, it can be very stressful if you decide to do everything yourself. Why take that approach to floor installation when you could rely on professional floor installers to help you put new floors into place? They will put your floors down properly for you and save you so much money in a variety of different ways. Like…

  • ordering the right amount of flooring
  • having the right tools and equipment for installation
  • working quickly
  • limiting costly mistakes
  • ensuring it looks great
  • returning after installation to make any additional necessary repairs if needed

If you are looking for good deals on flooring in Mokena, IL, or Highland, IN, we have you (and your floor) covered! We can help you install any kind of flooring in your home that you want. We will even clean everything up when we are done to help make your home look and feel its best. Call and speak to one of our knowledgeable Flooring Consultants with any questions about flooring. We will be more than happy to help!

Brian BersonBrian Berson (Flooring Consultant)

Brian is no stranger to flooring, having spent most of his life in the flooring industry. He started his flooring journey in 1992 with his father who ran a flooring store on the north shore. Brian prides himself on his incredible knowledge of the flooring industry and respectable customer service. His dedication to staying on top of the latest design trends has proven to be an asset to providing both residential and commercial clients with the best flooring selections for their projections. Visit Brian at our Mokena, Illinois showroom for an educational shopping experience.


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