How to Choose the Best Kitchen Flooring for Your Home

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The kitchen is the control center of your home, where you cook meals for your family. It is also the place everyone congregates during parties. The flooring in the busiest room of the house has to hold up to heavy foot traffic, dropped dishes and abundant spills. It's essential to choose kitchen flooring that stands up to this type of wear and tear. However, you want your kitchen to look stylish. With the wide variety of materials, colors and textures out there, where do you start?


Tile like ceramic or stone is hard-wearing. Perfect for the sauce that will get spilled, silverware that gets dropped, and the family coming and going. Not to mention, the design aspects are endless with so many colors, styles and layouts available. However, if you spend hours on your feet, tile can be uncomfortable for long periods. A soft mat in common areas like in front of the sink will help.


Believe it or not, hardwood has become popular in kitchens today. It creates a warm, inviting look and feels pleasant underfoot. The prefinished wood floors of today can endure substantial traffic and water stains. There are some high-pressured plastic laminates out there that are a less costly alternative to hardwood that offer an equivalent appearance but easier on your budget. Both hardwood and laminate are better for reducing leg fatigue, making it more comfortable. An area rug can add comfort as well. Check out Shaw Flooring hardwood... wood without the worry.


Luxury vinyl all offers an assortment of colors and styles that's easy on the wallet. It is the best kitchen flooring choice because it's waterproof and is relatively scratch resistant. It also mimics hardwood and laminate along with natural stone and ceramic tile so well that a professional has a hard time noticing the difference. A resilient floor is the most comfortable for feet due to its flexibility and thickness. You can enhance this by installing a foam underlayment underneath. It's also straightforward to clean and waterproof. 

There's plenty of things to consider when planning on replacing your kitchen floor. You have to think about the kitchen's size, existing colors, textures, and patterns when choosing the right floor to complement your kitchen. Do you want the flooring to serve as a neutral background or a vibrant focal point? Then there is the cost. If you're planning a remodel, your budget is more than likely divided between cabinets, countertops, lighting, appliances and more.

Once you've determined your flooring budget, contact us for a free measure to get your exact square footage. Then we can help you select from the vast flooring options and narrow them down to make your selection process more comfortable. We will also walk you through the additional costs like underlayment, delivery, installation, moving furniture, removal and disposal of your previous floor. We know how to turn an overwhelming process into a pleasurable experience. Make a showroom consultation appointment or stop in our store to start your new kitchen floor journey with us today!

Michelle CressMichelle Cress (Flooring Consultant)

Michelle specializes in residential flooring and prides herself on being patient with a passion for helping people in general. Drawing on her experience managing kitchen and bath remodel projects, cabinetry, countertops and flooring, Michelle now focuses mainly on flooring. She enjoys helping clients select colors and styles utilizing her design background. Michelle is a qualified Interior Designer and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design. Come visit our Mokena, Illinois showroom to have Michelle help you design your flooring project today!

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