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Hardwood Flooring Shows Sophistication and Elegance

As a flooring consultant, I get the privilege of working with clients in designing their dream home. I love talking and assisting them through the decision process in creating and designing the home that fits their lifestyle. One thing that I highly recommend with all of my clients during this process has a hardwood floor at least somewhere in their house.

I think adding hardwood flooring in a room or two is one of the best things that a homeowner can do. Nothing complements a home like adding the unique style, beauty, and elegance of a hardwood floor. Have you ever been in a house that flaunts gorgeous hardwood floors? If you have, you will understand the exquisite look and feel it adds to a home.

There are numerous ways to add a hardwood floor to your dream home plans. Several of my clients decide to have one installed in the entryway, dining room and kitchen of their home. What a fantastic idea! It certainly gives a great first impression to every person that enters your home. Also, placing a hardwood floor where you spend most of your time with family and friends shows that you treasure your living space.

Shaw Epic+ Monument Maple

Shaw Epic+ Monument Maple

The master bedroom is another excellent place to include a hardwood floor into your home. Nothing complements a master suite with sophistication and elegance like the Shaw collection, Epic Plus Extreme Nature. Don't make your master bedroom feel comparable to all the other bedrooms by covering it with the same carpet that is throughout the rest of the house. You want the master bedroom to feel special and sacred, especially at the end of a long day. The better flooring to set your master suite apart is a hardwood floor throughout the room and the bathroom. Shaw's Epic Plus Extreme Nature is available in five wood species (ash, hickory, maple, oak and walnut) and three textures (reclaimed / distressed, smooth and wire brushed) that model the distinctive intricacy of a timeworn natural surface.

There are so many flooring options, and sometimes I am not sure where to begin or end. One thing I do suggest is including a hardwood floor somewhere into your home. A hardwood floor adds such value to your home in so many ways. It is a significant addition to any home design project that can easily be budgeted into your plans. Ask me about special financing options available and let's make your dream home design come to life!

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