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Protect Your Floor from Winter

“Weather” you like it or not, it’s coming… WINTER! Along with that comes the wet dirty slush and salt. Here are a few quick tips to protect you floors from the winter elements.

Shaw Biltmore Ancient Grey 8 in Laminate

Shaw Biltmore Ancient Grey 8 in Laminate

Our Top Tips to Protect Your Floors During Winter:

Mats at All Entry Points

  • Floor mats inside AND out at all entry points is key to collect as much of the wet, dirty slush and salt from everyone’s boots and shoes. It’s very important to keep the mats themselves as clean and dry as possible. Having back-up mats is another suggestion so you have something while the others are drying. A long, extended version of the inside walk-off mat is another plus.

Remove Shoes

  • Have everyone remove their boots and shoes at the entryway. A cool trick is to have a dish-drainer tray with a towel underneath for everyone to place their wet footwear to dry. You can even have a few extra pairs of inexpensive slippers on hand for company to throw on and be comfortable.

Keep Wet Snow Away

  • Have the kids strip from their wet snow gear at the doorway instead of tracking it through the house. Then have a place to hang it all to dry, like over the shower stall in the bathroom. You could even place the boots in the tub to dry. The tub is meant for water and a lot easier to clean than the floor.

Towel Dry Pets

  • Have a designated towel by the door where your furry friend goes outside so it is readily available to dry their paws. Maybe have some treats nearby as an incentive not to just come in and run through the house and a reward for being patient with the whole paw-wiping process.

Towels Everywhere

  • Speaking of towels, always have some nearby in case you need to wipe up some water immediately. Consider even having a wet/dry vacuum available just in case. Never hurts to be over-prepared!

Keep It Clean

  • Last, but not least – the outdoor area of your home clean is just as important as the inside. Keep the outside entryways free of leaves and dirt. This prevents tracking it indoors on your floors.

Dirty Floors?

Consider having us clean your carpet or refinish your hardwood floors.

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