Exploring MSI: A Pioneer in Flooring Solutions

MSI: A brief history

MS International, commonly referred to as MSI, is a leading company in the flooring industry. Established in 1975, MSI has a rich history spanning decades, during which it has carved its path to prominence. The company has been driven by a commitment to quality and innovation, enabling it to redefine standard practices and introduce new and exciting product offerings. 

MSI's innovative approach to flooring

MSI's innovative approach to flooring has made it a market leader in the industry. The company's products include luxury vinyl flooring, natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, and quartz slabs. The company's focus on product excellence has enabled it to stay ahead of competitors and win the trust of customers who seek quality and durability.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring: A popular product offering

One of MSI's most popular products is luxury vinyl flooring, which has become a preferred option due to its versatility and resilience. MSI's luxury vinyl flooring options are designed to enhance any space and are available in various traditional and contemporary styles. The company's luxury vinyl flooring options are designed to be durable, easy to maintain, and visually appealing.

MSI's exquisite collections

MSI's commitment to excellence is evident in the exquisite collections it offers. The Avery Ash collection, for instance, combines timeless elegance with hybrid rigid core construction, ensuring durability and style. With its charmingly rustic and weathered appeal, the Driftway collection captures the essence of natural beauty. It adds character to any space while being crafted to withstand the demands of modern living. The Malton collection boasts an exquisite design and exceptional durability, perfect for high-traffic areas.

Creative Carpet & Flooring: A showroom to explore MSI's products

Located in Mokena, IL, the Creative Carpet & Flooring showroom is the perfect place to explore MSI's flooring solutions. Here, you cannot only see but also feel the quality of MSI's products, making it easier to find the perfect flooring solution for your space. The showroom also offers a platform for you to ask questions and receive expert advice on selecting the right flooring solution for your needs.

MSI is a true pioneer in the flooring industry, consistently setting new standards with its innovative product offerings. From luxury vinyl flooring to hybrid rigid core collections, every product is a testament to elegance, durability, and style. Don't just take our word for it-experience the difference for yourself at Creative Carpet & Flooring, where you'll find a wide range of MSI's excellent products.