Meet Gary Onate Sr., Estimator at Creative Carpet & Flooring in Mokena, Illinois.

Q: When did you join Creative Carpet & Flooring?
A: I joined the Creative Carpet & Flooring family in '92, just a couple of years after they opened their doors to the community. It's been an amazing journey for me to be a part of such a reliable and well-known company. Over the years, I have seen this establishment's growth and evolution and am proud to have been a part of it.
Q: What do you like to do to unwind?
A: I love to go fishing. Something about being near the water is so calming and peaceful. I love listening to the gentle waves and maybe even catching a fish or two. It's like my own personal therapy session but with sunscreen and maybe a few exaggerated stories about the fish that got away!
Q: Why did you join Creative Carpet & Flooring?
A: I decided to join Creative Carpet & Flooring because of my strong bond with Mark Sr. We used to work together on various flooring installation projects. When Mark announced his plans to start his own store, I knew I had to be a part of it. His passion for flooring and his vision for the business was truly inspiring, and when coupled with our existing camaraderie, it felt like the perfect move.
Q: What is a fact about you that few people are aware of?
A: I'm not just your average person. I'm actually a professional singer. I love to entertain people with my music, and it brings me so much joy. So, if you ever catch me humming a tune, know I've got a whole other side to me that you might not have known about!
Q: How would you sum up your work?
A:  I like to call myself "the finest flooring installer in the Chicago metro area." I'm not just good - I'm the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème, the kingpin of carpeting, the sultan of surfaces, the maestro of marble... you get the gist!
Q:  Where is your hometown?
A: I'm a South Sider! When it comes to hometown pride, it's all about the Chi-town vibes! Yep, I hail from the magnificent city of Chicago, where the pizza is deep, the skyscrapers reach for the clouds, and our baseball loyalty runs deep - go Sox! Currently, though, I'm soaking in the suburban charm of Frankfort, where life's a bit quieter but just as sweet. If you ever need the lowdown on the best pizza joints or hidden gems in either city, you know who to call - I've got your back!
Q:  What is your favorite flooring?
Shaw Floors' Fierce and Bold in Snowfall

Shaw Floors' Fierce and Bold in Snowfall

A: It's gotta be Shaw Floors Fierce & Bold in Snowfall from their Foundations collection. Shaw just nailed it with this one - durable Anso nylon fibers, stain resistance, and a design that's both modern and timeless. It's like they captured everything I love about flooring in one style. But here's the kicker - they've gone and discontinued it. Can you believe it? But it got it before they did, and it's still a fav.
Q:  What is your favorite flooring in your house?
Nourison Home's Rustic Textures in Beige Grey

Nourison Home's Rustic Textures in Beige/Grey

A: My Nourison Home's Rustic Textures area rug in beige grey. It's become a real favorite in my place because it's just so spot-on! Those abstract patterns blending in tan, grey, and cream? It's like having a piece of art right there on the floor, adding some serious character to the room. And let me tell you about comfort - walking on it feels like gliding on clouds. With that high-low pile construction and those subtle color shifts, it's just pure luxury. Plus, it fits right in with my wife's decor, giving my space a warm, modern vibe that's just perfect.

Gary Onate Sr. has been with Creative Carpet & Flooring in Mokena, Illinois, since 1992. He joined because of his friendship with Mark Sr. and their shared love for flooring. Gary's not just your average estimator; he's a professional singer and self-proclaimed "finest flooring installer in the Chicago metro area." Originally from Chicago, Gary Onate brings a unique blend of city pride and suburban charm to his work. He appreciates how everyone supports each other and works together as a team. Outside of work, Gary enjoys fishing on sunny days. With Gary on board, Creative Carpet & Flooring is not just about quality flooring but also about friendship and teamwork.