Meet Brad Pertchi, Distribution Center Manager at Creative Carpet & Flooring's warehouse in Mokena, Illinois

Q: What do you like best about the company culture?
A: I deeply appreciate the company culture, particularly the warm and friendly colleagues who make the work environment so inviting. Additionally, I am truly grateful for our proactive approach in addressing issues promptly. This combination of camaraderie and efficiency is what makes our company culture truly exceptional.
Q: If you had to eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would that be?
A: If I were sentenced to a lifetime of culinary monotony, I'd choose the ham, cheese, and mayo sandwich as my cellmate. It's the breaded equivalent of a three-piece band that always hits the right notes!
Q: What do you love the most about your line of work?
A: The most appealing aspect of my line of work is the dynamic and fast-paced environment. This setting fosters continuous learning, adaptation, and growth, which keeps the work engaging and stimulating.
Q: What issue will you always speak your mind about?
A: One thing I'll always be as subtle about as a bull in a China shop is sports. That being said, I'm a Green Bay Packers devotee, smack dab in the middle of Chicago... Fancy a friendly tussle over it?
Q: Name one thing — either personally or professionally — you learned in the last year.
A: Meditation! Yes, you heard it right. I've been floating in and out of my Zen zone like a pro. So, if you see me sitting quietly in a corner with my eyes closed, don't worry - I haven't fallen asleep on the job. Just harnessing some inner peace!
Q:  Where is your hometown?
A: My hometown is Oak Lawn, Illinois. A not-so-fun historical fact about Oak Lawn, Illinois, is the tornado of 1967. It was one of the worst tornadoes to hit an urban area, damaging or destroying 900 buildings and tragically claiming the lives of more than 30 people.
Q:  What is your favorite flooring?
Karndean's Knight Tile in Classic Limed Oak 01A: I love Karndean's Knight Tile Rigid Core in Classic Limed Oak! It's sleek and classy, with subtle copper tones and a limed finish. The soft texture and distinctive grain pattern make it stand out. Plus, it complements a variety of color palettes, from neutral to bold.
Q: What flooring would you install in your dream house?
Karndean's Knight Tile in Classic Limed Oak 02A: Karndean's Knight Tile in Classic Limed Oak is still at the forefront. There's just something about its timeless charm and cozy elegance that speaks to my soul. And let's not forget its durability – it's like a promise that it'll stick around for all the memories yet to be made. For me, it's not just about having a pretty floor; it's about creating a space that feels like me, where every corner tells a story of who I am.

Since joining the company in 2016, Brad Pertchi has thrived in his role, drawn by the promising job prospects and positive work environment. Brad's professional growth includes mastering forklift operations and staying adaptable in a fast-paced environment. Beyond work, he surprises many with his handstand skills and finds solace in drumming to unwind. His dream vacation? Lounging on a sun-drenched beach, watching the waves roll in—a stark contrast to his alternate universe where he'd explore the depths as an oceanographer, a passion reflected in his membership with the Whale Watching Association. Brad boldly declares his allegiance to the Green Bay Packers despite the danger of living in Chicagoland and working at Creative Carpet, both dominated by Bears fans. Despite his love for cheese, Brad's unwavering loyalty and diverse interests make him a standout member of the team.