Preparing Your Home for The Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner. Time to get those spare rooms spruced up and decorations ready to display as family and friends gather to celebrate. Yes, cleaning and preparing your house for the holiday festivities and guests can be overwhelming. But, if you get things ready now, you can relax and enjoy this special time with your loved ones. Make a thorough list of everything you would like to get done to plan your time accordingly. Here are some tasks for your to-do list to get you started and help you get your home ready for the holidays.


DeclutterDeclutter your house, particularly the guest rooms and common areas. Remove anything unnecessary from places like countertops, coffee tables and ottomans. Walk through your home and give it a once-over. Put away any stray items that might be floating around the house and give surfaces a quick dusting. If you fall short on time, bag up the clutter and store it in out-of-the-way places like the basement or your own bedroom closet. Just don’t forget to sort through these items after the holidays are over!

Deep clean

Time to deep clean those hard-to-reach spaces like ceiling fans, doors, vents and blinds. Vacuum and sweep under couches and tables. Spot-clean the carpet to remove footprints, spills and pet stains. Also, spot clean walls around light fixtures. If you have children, get down to their level and look around at the walls, too. Don’t forget the little things like deep cleaning shower doors, shining mirrors and the front door windows.



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Your foyer is the first room visitors see, so make an excellent first impression. This is an essential item we can’t stress enough as a flooring store…. place a rug or welcome mat at the entry to protect floors from snow, salt, slush and dirt. A storage bench is an excellent addition so guests can remove shoes and boots at the door. If you can, add a few extra hooks for more coats and hats and clear out any shoes, umbrellas and other clutter to make room for your guest’s things.


You’ll want to be ready to prepare that holiday meal. So, clean out the microwave, dishwasher, stovetop and oven. Even if you won’t be home for the holidays, clean out your fridge inside and out. Don’t forget to vacuum behind the refrigerator, too. Now is an ideal time to make sure your fire extinguisher is good to go, as well.


home for the holidaysThis is the FUN part! Make your front door welcoming with a fall or Christmas wreath. Decorate a cornucopia or trim your tree and brighten up a banister with string lights. Fire up the fireplace or create the feeling of one with a cluster of candles. Transform outdoor landscaping with classic holiday decorations.

Beverage station

During the holidays, your kitchen is the main HQ, so make sure it’s ready for guests and extra helpers. Move your coffee and drink station into a family room or another out of the way area. That way, guests don’t feel in the way while you are cooking. Arrange a few extra chairs or stools around the kitchen perimeter so guests can sit and visit with you while you are preparing the holiday feast.

Room for everyone

home for the holidaysSally brought her new boyfriend, and grandpa brought his buddy Clyde from the VA Hall… but you’ve got this! Unexpected dinner guests will not even know you have utilized your patio furniture to expand seating. All that’s needed is a festive tablecloth and some holiday dinnerware. A coffee table or piano bench can be additional seating as well. Add a throw pillow or blanket for warmth and comfort.

Bathroom supplies

Make sure there is plenty of soap by the sinks. Sock extra toilet paper and towels on open shelves so guests can find them easily. If you don’t have shelves, place these items in open baskets around the bathroom. Also, make sure all toilets are supplied with a plunger to avoid any embarrassment.

Overnight guests

Overnight guestsTo create a relaxing ambiance for your overnight guests:

  1. Leave fresh sheets, pillowcases and towels for them to use.
  2. Ensure the closet is organized and there is room for your guests to hang or store their belongings.
  3. Provide a fan so guests can customize their room temperature. If you don’t have a guest room, an inflatable mattress and a folding screen can provide temporary privacy.
  4. Add night lights in hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms to ensure a safe passage to your guest’s unfamiliar surroundings in the dark.

Creating a to-do list and prepping your home for the holidays as much as you beforehand will help you enjoy the holidays with less stress. Spending time during the holidays with the people you love most is what it’s all about, anyway.

Dana Krizmanic

Dana Krizmanic, Flooring Consultant

Dana is an experienced professional providing expert knowledge in all aspects of residential and commercial flooring. She has worked on large commercial jobs and residential remodels, small businesses and apartment buildings, assisted living complexes, hospitals and auto dealerships. With 15+ years of flooring experience, no job is too big or small! There’s talk that Dana did the flooring at 550 Central Park West in NYC (aka “Spook Central”), but she gets PTSD when asked. Dana will be more than happy to provide you with flooring and design assistance in any magnitude. Dana is available for private consultations at our Highland, Indiana showroom.

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