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Why is Fabrica carpet so expensive?

Some people are willing to spend more for quality and beauty from expensive sports cars, rare wines, designer clothing, and fine dining. Flooring is no exception. Fabrica has been world-renowned for its high-end, luxury carpet since 1974. However, is it worth the extra expense?


FabricaFabrica is expensive because their carpet is generally more time-consuming to manufacture. They use superior materials and premium fibers, giving their carpeting extraordinary quality. Fabrica also has a tighter twist on their carpet fibers, producing a dense, long-lasting, and impressively soft carpet. It goes through a multiple shearing process that ends with an elegantly smooth finish. Now add their high-quality synthetic latex backing that resists stretching and wrinkling, and you have yourself premium carpeting.


Why is Fabrica carpet so expensiveTo add to Fabrica’s quality made carpet is their extensive color palette. Fabrica creates their wide variety of colors through a process known as Beck Dyeing. The color is applied through hours of deep dye immersion, producing richer colors that are more resistant to fading. Beck Dyeing also assures that colors between dye lots are consistent, unlike other dyeing processes that can cause colors to vary by dye lot. This entire process is why Fabrica Carpet retains its vibrant colors longer than some other brands.


Fabrica - Buckingham in Trench Coat

Fabrica - Buckingham in Trench Coat

You can expect to pay anywhere from $7.00 to $16.00 and up per square foot for Fabrica. But purchasing Fabrica Carpet is like buying a luxury car. Fabrica adds depth and a special something to your house that is priceless. Furthermore, you will be able to say that you own carpet that is also installed in the White House. How cool is that?

Fabrica - Brushstrokes in Sketchbook

Fabrica - Brushstrokes in Sketchbook

Overall, Fabrica’s manufacturing process is above the industry standard in virtually every way. When installed and maintained properly, Fabrica Carpet will last a long time. If you’re looking for quality and a high-end product that’s durable and classy, then Fabrica carpet is worth the money. But Fabrica isn’t something you can purchase on sale at a cheap outlet somewhere. Fabrica Carpet is exclusive to high-end flooring stores. Creative Carpet & Flooring offers a wide variety of Fabrica styles. Our knowledgeable Flooring Consultants can assist you in installing Fabrica Carpet in your home. So, why is Fabrica carpet so expensive? Just visit our Mokena, IL or Highland, IN showroom to see the quality and durability of Fabrica for yourself.

Cody Bouquet

Cody Bouquet, Flooring Consultant

Cody is not only a flooring consultant; he is a qualified vinyl tile installer. Cody holds a certification for luxury vinyl flooring installation from Karndean Design Flooring. Being the youngest within the Bouquet family flooring business, he is no stranger to ANY type of flooring! Passionate about all that is flooring and its possibilities, Cody provides residential and commercial consulting services at our Mokena, Illinois showroom. When not in the showroom, you will find Cody on his Harley cruising down LaGrange Road. Stop in for a consultation with Cody and experience the massive “Bouquet” flooring expertise firsthand!

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