The Advantages of Shopping Local Rather Than at a Big-Box Store

Shopping local helps support shopper's local economy and community. While the big-box stores have more advertising and marketing dollars, they are not the best choice for your flooring project. It is beneficial to shop at a local flooring store instead of a large discount chain store for a few reasons.

local flooring storePersonal Attention

Despite their best efforts, the workers at many big-box stores are either overworked, under-qualified or both. Various issues come up in choosing flooring that can't be answered correctly by lightly-trained clerks in stores that sell bathtubs, nail guns and grass seed. Their expertise is minimal in selecting the correct flooring for particular areas of your house - considering things like climate, style, foot traffic, sunlight, moisture. But at a local flooring store, you'll find specialists with many years of experience in flooring materials and interior design. Flooring is an important purchase, and it really does matter where you purchase it. At Creative Carpet & Flooring, our expert Flooring Consultants will give you the attention you need, ask you the right questions to make sure the proper flooring is selected and also answer your questions about ALL of our flooring materials.

Professional Installation

Most big-box stores offer installation on your flooring purchase. However, most of these installers are untrained and unqualified. They do not possess customer service skills or communicate well. Since they are underpaid, they rush through your job so they can hurry on to the next one to complete as many jobs as possible. They use cheaper quality supplies. All of this can cause damage to your floor and your home.

Another big problem is high turnover. Since these big-box stores do not pay a fair salary, installers are constantly quitting. Desperate to find new installers, things like training, customer service, and criminal background checks are not done correctly. The professional installers at Creative Carpet & Flooring are trained, professional highly paid (by industry standards) and qualified installers. Some of our flooring installers have been with us for as long as 25 years!

Selection big-box store

Local flooring stores are committed to presenting the best quality and largest possible selection of floors in every style and color imaginable. Big-box stores typically stock lower-quality flooring that they can sell in mass quantities. That might suffice for a rental property, but not for investing in your home. In addition, they typically offer minimal options in terms of style and color. Despite their name, big-box stores have limited space for flooring materials. They pack their shelves with everything from power tools to plumbing supplies. At a professional local flooring showroom like Creative Carpet & Flooring, you will find ample space for all types of flooring because that is all we have... flooring. You can check out several different styles of carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tile, laminate and area rugs.


We are all seeking different ways to save money, time and effort in today's economy. While the materials at the big-box stores may be less expensive per square foot, these materials may suffer damage more quickly than the higher-ticket materials. At Creative Carpet & Flooring, we only offer quality materials that will contribute to the investment you are making in your home. Our Flooring Consultants at Creative Carpet & Flooring know you want quality AND the best price for your flooring purchase. 

Talk with our expert Flooring Consultants at Creative Carpet & Flooring for more answers to your flooring questions. Our Flooring Consultants have decades of experience in flooring sales, service and installation. We'll guide you through the hundreds of floor material samples in our showroom. Come and experience a shopping experience that a big-box store cannot offer. Schedule a free one-on-one showroom consultation or stop on. We hope to see you soon!

Autumn Sibo

Autumn Sibo, Flooring Consultant

Autumn has over fifteen years of flooring experience in addition to cabinet design and other design work. Autumn helps her clients make their design vision become a reality. She loves the design challenge of tying colors and patterns that generally would not be something you would put together. You will often find this in her daily attire as well! Autumn and Dana not only work together but are best friends. So, whatever Dana is wearing is also a reflection of Autumn. Visit Autumn at our Highland, Indiana showroom with help making your design visions come to life.

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