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Flooring Options for Residential Staircases

The staircase is not only a focal point in a home; it is also a high-traffic area with up and down movement daily. Staircases are a very noticeable space that requires style and sturdy flooring material. There are several aspects you should take into account when installing floor covering on stairs:

  • Take into account the flooring you already have throughout the house, and choose a corresponding floor covering for your staircase.
  • Think about your budget. There are low, medium and high costing flooring materials available.
  • Consider the ease of maintaining your staircase. Would you rather mop or vacuum your staircase? Carpeting will require regular vacuuming.
  • Analyze safety and noise levels. You should examine your family members' needs, particularly if you have elderly family members, toddlers or pets.

Therefore, safety, durability, ease of maintenance and style should be prioritized when installing flooring on a staircase.

What are the advantages of carpet and hardwood flooring on a staircase?

Carpeting Stairs: 

  • good traction making it safe, less risk of slipping or falling
  • comfortable on the feet
  • the most soundproof option
  • budget-friendly
carpet staircase

carpet staircase

Hardwood Stairs: 

  • classic and timeless charm
  • wide range of hardwoods available to accommodate variant budgets
  • a variety of tree species to choose from
  • available in engineered hardwood or solid hardwood
  • easy to clean and maintain
hardwood staircase

hardwood staircase

Consequently, hardwood stairs can be slippery and noisier than carpet. However, there is a way to have the best of both worlds! You can use a carpet runner to make hardwood stairs slip-resistant and safer. A carpet runner is a small section of carpet that goes on top of your hardwood stairs. It covers most of the steps but shows the hardwood on either side. Carpet runners are bound on the sides to complete a finished look. It is intended to implement traction and will also deaden some noise of a hardwood floor. Most carpet in our showroom can be made into a custom carpet runner, making it easy to complement your hardwood staircase. 

carpet runner

carpet runner staircase

carpet runner bound

binding on carpet runner

Creative Carpet & Flooring can help make your stairs the focal point of your home with our enormous selection of hardwood and carpet styles and colors. Visit our Mokena, IL or Highland, IN showroom with your vision, and we will help make it a reality.

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Autumn is a new face to Creative Carpet & Flooring, but definitely not new to the flooring industry. Autumn has over 10 years of flooring experience in addition to cabinet design and other design work. Autumn helps her clients make their design vision become a reality. She loves a design challenge of tying colors and patterns that normally would not be something you would put together! Visit Autumn at our Highland, Indiana showroom with help making your design visions come to life.


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