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Why Shop Local for Flooring versus at a Big Box Flooring Store

Here are some common questions that we receive about our family store versus big box flooring stores:

Do big-box flooring stores have better prices?

It is critical to look at the overall value rather than merely the price tag. If you choose a floor covering store based on price, later you will discover you did not get good value. Many big box stores carry products that look the same or have the same name as what we have in our showroom.

Know the Flooring Product Quality

Industry use of the same flooring product names leads to one of the industry's biggest misbeliefs that all dealers are the same. Based on this mistaken belief, many consumers choose based on price alone. In other words, just because it's labeled the same, don't expect the quality to be the same. This issue causes quite a few problems. Many products may feel and appear identical but are immensely different in quality. Being familiar with the type of materials used in the product, face weight, density, and construction is vital. Our flooring consultants will educate you on the differences and help you select the right product and quality for your home.

Big Box

Are big box carpet installations really free?

To offer a low price, dealers will cut costs by hiring unqualified, uninsured installers who are not appropriately trained. Also, these kinds of unethical dealers have high turnover since they pay them so poorly. They continually must replace installers, so they cut corners on things like training, insurance coverage, and criminal background checks.

It is not unusual for dealers who use these kinds of installers to make you deal with the installer if something goes wrong. Honorable dealers by no means make you deal with the installer if there is a problem with the installation. They know it is their job to make sure the installation is done properly, not yours.

Carpet Installation Isn't Ever Free and Trustworthy Dealers Know It

Trustworthy, professional dealers sometimes have installers as employees or sub-contractors. Nevertheless, whether using employees or subs, ethical dealers always keep close relations with their installers through training, consistent communication, and paying them fairly. This prevents high turnover so that the dealer can sustain healthy, long-term relationships with their installers. The installers are devoted to the company, committed to the dealer's warranties and top-notch customer service, and have a vested interest in doing an excellent job for you, the consumer.

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Do big-box flooring stores overcharge for labor?

Buying floor covering is different from buying other interior decorating items such as furniture. Because when you purchase furniture, you bring it home and set it in your family room - you do not "install" the furniture. Floor covering must be installed - in other words, flooring is literally "manufactured" at your home. That being said, when you buy floor covering, you are buying the floor covering in addition to the installation.

Installation Labor Investment + Quality Product = A Happy You

Regrettably, dishonorable dealers attempt to save money by hiring low-cost labor to do their installations. What they do is offer super low prices or outrageously discounted specials to entice people into their store. Well, all their operating cost stays the same: rent, utilities, and their cost for the floor covering. They cannot lower any of these costs... so how do they compensate for their super discounted offers? Well, they make you pay by hiring cut-rate, untrained, unqualified installers. Consequently, you do not even realize it until the installers are in your home. 

Here's the thing, most people aren't great at installing flooring. Even the "easy to cut" vinyl tile can be tricky. We recommend making room in your flooring budget for installation. With the right budget, the right quality product, and terrific installation, your flooring will last longer. Plus, if there is an issue, your warranty will be voided if the installation wasn't completed correctly, which usually means installed by a professional.

We offer a lifetime installation warranty at Creative Carpet & Flooring. In no way do you have to worry about something going wrong with the installation. Because if it does, we fix it FREE! And we do it quickly.

Creative Carpet & Flooring installers are neat, clean, well-groomed, well-spoken, and professional. They are guests, and they respect your home by using shoe covers or drop cloths. You will receive the highest-level quality installation in the business. After they have completed your flooring installation, they will leave your home as neat and clean as when they arrived. They will even vacuum or sweep!

Many dealers do not guarantee their work—but we feel nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction. We stand behind every floor, 100%. Please call one of our flooring consultants or me right away at (888) 910-6585 if you have any questions or concerns regarding your floor. Or, stop into a showroom near you in Mokena, Illinois, or Highland, Indiana today!

We are proud members of the World Floor Covering Association. The WFCA provides consumers support to ensure a successful flooring purchase experience. Look for this seal at your local WFCA Retailer:

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Cody is not only a flooring consultant, he is a qualified vinyl tile installer. Cody holds a certification for luxury vinyl flooring installation from Karndean Design Flooring. Being the youngest within the Bouquet family flooring business, he is no stranger to ANY type of flooring! Passionate about all that is flooring and its possibilities, Cody provides residential and commercial consulting services at our Mokena, Illinois showroom. Stop in for a consultation with Cody and experience the massive “Bouquet” flooring expertise first hand!

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