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Shaw Lifeproof flooring for Your Entire Home


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Shaw Lifeproof flooring for Your Entire Home

You want the softness of carpet in your family room, but you know that Skeeter is going to piddle and ruin it again. You can clean it up and HOPE it won’t smell—but no matter what anyone tells you, liquids go straight through to your carpet’s backing and INTO the subfloor. To avoid that altogether, you start to think about hardwood flooring. If Skeeter piddles on that and you don’t catch it right away, it’s going to end up costing you more than the carpet would have. Not to mention you have kids! Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was such a thing as life proof flooring? Guess what… THERE IS!


Go ahead and get carpeting! We carry carpet with LifeGuard WATERPROOF backing from Shaw Floors! The patented LifeGuard backing system is waterproof, giving you EXTRA protection against ODORS and STAINS. When liquids are spilled, they’ll find their way down. LifeGuard backing repels those spills. They don’t soak through to create odor-causing stains that are hard to remove. So, if you have pets and kids, you can be CONFIDENT your home will stay clean and fresh with LifeGuard carpets from Shaw Floors. We have an array of styles and colors to choose from. You can be confident you can get the look you what you want without compromising your décor.


Do you want a natural wood look in a waterproof floor? Floorté vinyl by Shaw Floors offers the best of both - a completely waterproof floor with the look of hardwood. And it's backed by a waterproof, pet-proof, worry-proof promise, giving you that classic look remixed for amplified performance. And because it's waterproof, you can install it in any room of your house - even kitchens and bathrooms. There is plenty of natural wood and tile looks to choose from so you can enjoy beautiful floors for years to come.

No more stressing! Worry-proof your home with carpet backed with LifeGuard WATERPROOF backing or get the waterproof look of hardwood with Floorté vinyl. Shaw Floors knows how to lifeproof flooring so that you can be CONFIDENT and WORRY-FREE! Visit one of Creative Carpet & Flooring’s showrooms today to see our vast selection of waterproof, kid-proof, pet-proof, worry-proof, life-proof flooring today!

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