Step 1: Explore the Creative Carpet & Flooring Showroom. (We've Got Two!)

Objective: Narrow Down from Thousands to the Perfect 2-3 Options for You.

As you step into our showroom, one of Creative Carpet & Flooring's knowledgeable Flooring Consultants will warmly welcome you. The initial ten to fifteen minutes involve a few questions aimed at paring down the myriad products to around ten to twenty choices from the vast selection. Delving deeper, we refine these questions, examining a few products to help narrow your options down to two or three.

Step 2: Schedule a Measurement Appointment.

Objective: Obtain a Comprehensive Quote.

We collect your information and notes to streamline your next visit. Simultaneously, we arrange a measurement date and provide samples for your decision-making process.

Our estimator usually arrives within an hour window on the scheduled day. They create a detailed diagram, gather essential job notes, and take site pictures. On the same day, they share the job information and return any samples to the consultant.

Your flooring consultant then diligently works on your job layout, quantity, labor, etc., and generates accurate quotes for the chosen product(s). You can anticipate an email or call with your quotes within 1-2 business days post-measurement. While we strive for promptness, same-day quotes may not always be feasible. If you're still undecided after receiving your quote, we can send sample swatches to aid your final selection.

Step 3: Select Your Flooring.

Objective: Achieve the Perfect Design within Your Budget.

Upon selecting a product, your flooring consultant verifies the proposal for accuracy. After signing the proposal and making a payment or deposit, the order undergoes a final check for layout and quantity accuracy. This step usually occurs on the same day after the order sign-off. Following this, the order is placed, and our coordinators receive the information. They aim to call you within two business days to schedule installation and/or delivery.

Step 4: Arrange Your Installation.

Objective: Choose a Convenient Time, Even on Weekends.

Expect a call within two business days to schedule your installation. Before the installation date, you'll receive reminders via email or phone.
Your installation team arrives within a 2-hour window, ready to complete the tasks required for your order. This includes moving furniture as reasonably needed. Post-installation, your home will be left clean and free of debris or scraps.

We follow up within 1 to 2 business days after installation to ensure your satisfaction. Any remaining balance will be charged to the credit card on file.

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Step 5: Revel in Your New Flooring and Spread the Word.

Objective: Embrace Your Flooring and Share Your Experience.

Ultimately, we hope you'll leave us a stellar review of your Creative Carpet & Flooring journey!

As a family-owned business, referrals are invaluable for our growth. Don't forget, our referral rewards program puts the spotlight on you instead of advertisers.