Protect Your Floor from Winter

“Weather” you like it or not, it’s coming… WINTER! Along with that comes the wet dirty slush and salt. Here are a few quick tips to protect you floors from the winter elements. Shaw Biltmore Ancient Grey 8 in Laminate Our Top Tips to Protect Your Floors During… Read More

How Waterproof is Shaw’s LifeGuard™ Carpet Backing?

A Pool Made From Carpet? For all those active households with pets and kids, we all know that accidents are going to happen. Even with eyes in the back of your head, you can’t be everywhere at once and can guard your only home so much. Unfortunately, there isn’t an… Read More

How Do I Care for My New Hardwood?

Follow these recommendations and your hardwood floor will look fresh for years to come! Shaw Sequoia Hickory Bravo Mixed Width Hardwood Use Felt Pads Attach felt pads underneath all furniture that comes in direct contact with the hardwood floor to… Read More

Natural Pumpkin Guts or Halloween Make-Up Dye on Your Carpet?

Where did the stain came from? Was it from a natural source? For example, pumpkin guts and things like blood, vomit, urine and wine are all-natural substances. Something like Halloween makeup or the die from a candy ring pop is not. The answer to this question will tell you what… Read More

Why Wool?

Natural wool carpeting is becoming more popular as consumers are looking toward a more natural, chemical-free lifestyle. It can be expensive, but it’s most likely the best flooring choice for homeowners who like the look or feel of carpeting but still want to use natural or organic materials. Here… Read More

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