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Easy Care Flooring – 100% Petproof COREtec

Pets can be heavy on floors –

Easy Care FlooringTheir nails can leave scratches, accidents can cause staining and odors, and do not forget about the shedding. Luxury vinyl flooring is an outstanding choice for pet owners. It is a copycat (no pun intended) to the look of hardwood or natural stone. However, it is much easier to maintain and clean. Plus, it is soft underfoot. An easy care floor like COREtec has a thick WPC core and an attached cork underlayment that is comfortable underfoot. So, you and your pets will be comfy while walking and resting. If you are looking for easy care flooring that you and your pets will enjoy, a luxury vinyl like COREtec is an excellent choice.

Luxury vinyl is very durable. If you use a good quality product like COREtec, it can withstand many of the challenges of pets. It will not scratch or tear, and it holds up well against accidents and food or water bowl spills. The patented COREtec technology is 100% waterproof and pet-proof, allowing you to install COREtec in any room in your home.

With animals comes dirt and debris tracked inside the house. They also leave pet hair and dander. Even with indoor cats, you have to deal with litter that can harm your floors if not addressed. However, you can keep your floors in good shape with regular maintenance.

  • Sweep often.

  • Mop regularly.

  • Clean up pet accidents immediately.

  • Trim your pet's nails regularly

  • Keep pets groomed.Refresh Your Space

In addition, a mat placed under food and water bowls can help prevent spills from making contact with the floor. You can have lovely floors in a pet-friendly home with regular upkeep.

Luxury vinyl is an easy care flooring for pets. COREtec's Original Colorwall collection has dozens of colors and styles – including herringbone patterns. Naturally, every COREtec Original floor is 100% waterproof and pet-proof. Come to Creative Carpet & Flooring to explore the COREtec Colorwall today.

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