The total flooring cost depends on the flooring material used and labor factors. For example, hardwood flooring is pricier than carpet. The cost of labor depends on the project's scope. Installation on stairs and other complex projects will increase the labor cost. Below is an idea of the total cost by flooring material and straightforward installation.


Average cost installed $6 to $26 per sq. ft.

hardwood flooring cost

Anderson Tuftex - Old World Herringbone in Windsor

Hardwood flooring is beautiful, making it a design favorite. It can be refinished for a refresh. Hardwood does not attract or retain dirt and microbes. In general, hardwood is a great return on investment. There is solid hardwood, engineered wood, and various species of wood flooring to choose from.


Average cost installed $10.50 to $15.50 per sq. ft.

tile flooring cost

Daltile - Stratford Place in Alabaster Sands

Tile flooring is water-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. It works well with radiant floor heating installations. Tile floor installation costs vary greatly depending on the material. Some specialty tiles are much more expensive.


Average cost installed $3.25 to $12.50 per sq. ft.

carpet flooring cost

Mohawk - Nature's Elegance in Almond Wash

Carpeting provides good insulation and helps reduce noise. It is fairly low maintenance, besides vacuuming and occasional carpet cleaning.


Average cost installed $5 to $9.25 per sq. ft.

laminate flooring cost

Shaw Floors - Castle Ridge in Anneal

Laminate flooring is durable and low maintenance. It is a good alternative for wood, stone, or tile without the high price tag.

Luxury Vinyl

Average cost installed $3 to $9 per sq. ft.

luxury vinyl flooring cost

CoreTec - Pure Serenity in Charming

Luxury vinyl flooring looks like hardwood or tile without the expense. It is waterproof and easy to clean.

Flooring Labor Rates

There are labor cost factors to consider when calculating the labor rate for your flooring projects:

flooring labor rates flooring cost

  • Type of material
  • Sales taxes or import fees on materials
  • Difficulty of project
  • Distance to the job site
  • Amount of prep work required
  • Cost of new subfloor and baseboard (if needed)
  • If the existing floor needs to be removed before work can begin
  • Testing and remediation of hazardous materials (if needed)

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