Adding Value to Your Home for a Lifetime

Adding Value to Your Home for a Lifetime

Add color –

Experts agree that painting a few rooms in your house is the best and cheapest way to increase your home value. However, choosing the right paint colors is critical. Kitchen, light blue to soft gray-blue. Bedroom, light blues. Bathroom, light powder blue to periwinkle. Living room, light beige. Front door, black or navy blue. Home exterior, greige (a blend of gray and beige).

Basement –

Finish your basement for your own personal enjoyment. If you're a movie buff, build a home theater in your basement and enjoy it! When, and if, you ever decided to sell, you can recoup some of the money spent.

Flooring –

Keep it consistent no matter what it is. Carpet does best in bedrooms, while hard surfaces do better everywhere else. Just make sure not to let different floor types meet in high traffic areas. It creates a sloppy look.

Garage floor –

Adding professionally applied epoxy garage flooring is an excellent example of a top home improvement that is cost-effective. It will add to the beauty of your garage and the value of your home.

Make your bathroom new –

"Reglaze" or "resurface," your tub. Doing so gives your tub a fresh new look without the brand-new tub price. As for the older tiles, don't replace - regrout. Regrouting tile, also called grout replacement, can bring a fresh new look.

Refinish your floors –

Hardwood floors are a very desirable feature, and they just might be hiding right under your wall-to-wall carpeting already. To check, find an inconspicuous area and pull up a small corner of the carpeting. Certainly, if you find hardwood underneath, remove the carpeting and restore the original floors. Refinishing hardwood is more cost-effective than replacing the carpeting or installing new floors.

Soundproof spaces –

While acoustic ceiling and wall treatments protect against transmission of sound from room to room, acoustic flooring is effective at preventing the transmission of sound from an upper floor to a lower floor. Vinyl tile, especially luxury vinyl tile (LVT) installed with a sound-insulating underlayment, is a great resilient flooring option used for sound treatment. LVT also has design versatility, durability and relatively low maintenance costs.

Upgrade your entryway –

Installing durable hardwood or tile makes an excellent first impression. Whatever you decide, make sure the flooring you select is durable enough to handle kids and pets. Adding a durable runner protects the flooring underneath from heavy foot traffic. Similarly, choose a runner made from a material that's easy to clean.

Brian BersonBrian Berson (Flooring Consultant)

Brian is no stranger to flooring, having spent most of his life in the flooring industry. He started his flooring journey in 1992 with his father who ran a flooring store on the north shore. Brian prides himself on his incredible knowledge of the flooring industry and respectable customer service. His dedication to staying on top of the latest design trends has proven to be an asset to providing both residential and commercial clients with the best flooring selections for their projections. Visit Brian at our Mokena, Illinois showroom for an educational shopping experience.

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