Laminate Flooring – A Good Floor Choice

Laminate Flooring - A Good Floor Choice

Laminate Flooring - A Good Floor Choice

Laminated floors are popular and for a good reason. They look nice, are easy on the pocket and maintenance is a breeze. Ultimately, they give you the look of solid hardwood flooring without the expense. There is a broad range of laminate designs and finishes like oak, maple, pine and walnut, to name a few. Nowadays, you can even get more trendy designs like stonework and tile finishes. So, whatever look you’re going for, whether it's contemporary and minimalist or a more traditional style, there is a laminate design perfect for your needs.

Laminate flooring consists of four layers. First is a base layer that stabilizes the product. Another layer has an HDF core. HDF cores are made of a thick and dense fiberboard. Also is a graphic paper image layer of the finish, like maple wood planks. Finally is an extremely hardwearing and durable laminate coating. The thinner the laminate, the cheaper it is. Still, all products these days are hardwearing.

Traditional wet mopping is out of the question! However, you can use a slightly damp mop with hot water. Sweep often with a soft-bristle broom or use a brushless attachment on your vacuum (avoid using a vacuum with beater bars). Do not use anything that promotes a shine because they cause a waxy buildup that is difficult to remove. Many people insist on using a little bit of vinegar diluted with hot water to cut pet grime. However, vinegar is acidic. If used in abundance, it can remove the protective seal on your floor.

Protect your laminate floors by wiping up wet spills right away. It would be a great idea to placemats under your pet’s water dish and a baby’s highchair. To avoid scraping off the protective layer on your laminate, do not wear high heel shoes, keep pet’s nails trim and place furniture pads under all table and chair legs.

No matter if you are refurbishing a rental property, selling a home or just flooring your own family home, laminate flooring is an excellent choice all around.

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