How Our Staff Plans to Spend Thanksgiving this Year

"We will be heading to Kentucky with most of my immediate family and my brother and his wife. My mother will be hosting, and we will all be staying at her house. As a result, there will be lots of pillows and blankets between couches and floors for all of us that will be going! Above all, Thanksgiving Day will consist of the usual turkey with some good old southern cornbread dressing (“stuffing” is for the northern folk ?) mashed potatoes, gravy, and the like. In addition to some of the traditional pies for dessert, we also always have banana pudding! The day will more than likely be filled with just laying around and relaxing with the family. In addition, there will probably some card playing, and the boys – well, actually some of the gals too – usually seem to end up out in the back yard doing some target shooting. Overall, just a lovely long weekend to relax and enjoy family!"

Mark Bouquet Sr. Creative Carpet & Flooring Family Owned Business

Tammy Bouquet Creative Carpet & Flooring Family Owned Business

~ Mark Bouquet, Sr., Founder & President & Tammy Bouquet, Chief Executive Officer

"We like to do what most Americans do, which is eat until you hate yourself, followed by a deep coma-like slumber on the couch, or floor, or anywhere that you can find. It’s a rather large group of people at my mother-in-law’s home, which consists of 12 adults & 19 grandkids. After we have awoken from our slumber, we generally go bowling, because why not?"

Mark Bouquet Jr. Creative Carpet & Flooring Family Owned Business

~Mark Bouquet, Jr., Sales Manager & Sr. Flooring Consultant

"This year, like most, I’m going down to Kentucky with the family to see my grandma and aunt and do the pretty typical stuff. For example, hangout, eat ... shoot guns in the backyard ... games, maybe a little Black Friday action, etc. Then, after that, I’m heading down to Nashville with my girlfriend, brother and sister in law to tag on a couple of days to the trip there to hangout."

Jake Bouquet Creative Carpet & Flooring Family Owned Business

~Jake Bouquet, Chief Operations Officer

"Eat myself into a food coma and then watch tv until I pass out on a couch in an awkward position that couldn't possibly be comfortable."

Cody Bouquet Creative Carpet & Flooring Family Owned Business

~Cody Bouquet, Residential & Commercial Consultant (Mokena, IL)

"This year for Thanksgiving, we will be going to Carlos Lorenzetti's in Chicago Heights, IL, because my mother has decided that she is taking the year off from cooking and wants to sit and enjoy the holiday with the rest of the family. I can't say I blame her at all."

Creative Carpet & Flooring Family Owned Business

~Steve Williams, Residential & Commercial Consultant (Highland, IN)

"Time with the Family and football, then maybe some shopping later that day or on Black Friday. Then we might go to some fair for ornaments and Christmas somethings or other. After that, we might go to my parent’s grave to say hello and leave a couple of white castles for my mom."

Brian Berson

~Brian Berson, Residential & Commercial Consultant (Mokena, IL)

"Lots of pumpkin pie!!!"

Michelle Cress

~Michelle Cress, Residential & Commercial Consultant (Mokena, IL)

"I spend Thanksgiving decorating for Christmas… the better holiday ?"

Creative Carpet & Flooring Family Owned Business

~Dana Krizmanic, Residential & Commercial Consultant (Highland, IN)

"This Thanksgiving, Jon and I are having some family over to eat dinner, watch movies and play board games. After that, I'll be spending the rest of the weekend shopping and setting up the Christmas tree. Not to mention, trying to figure out what to do with all the leftover Thanksgiving food!"

Creative Carpet & Flooring Mokena & Highland

~Autumn Sibo, Residential & Commercial Consultant (Highland, IN)

"To sum it up, we're spending Thanksgiving with my parents doing the typical Thanksgiving things."

~Lauren Biskup, Accounting

"Just staying home and feasting."

Creative Carpet & Flooring Family Owned Business

~Dawn Churchill, Accounts Payable

"Going Oshkosh, WI to my aunt and uncles. We’ll play cards and board games all night long! To make things more laid back, my uncle is making lasagna instead of turkey. However, I am still going to make the traditional Thanksgiving dinner the weekend after Thanksgiving with my parents. Certainly, you can’t have Thanksgiving without turkey for the entire week afterward!"

Creative Carpet & Flooring Mokena & Highland

Creative Carpet & Flooring Family Owned Business~Dawn Giganti, Marketing & Alexis Giganti, Administrative Assistant

From our family to yours... have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

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