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Ways to Prevent Flooring Falls with Older Adults

Grandparent's Day - Simple Ways to Prevent Falls with Older Adults

With Grandparent’s Day being Sunday, September 8th, let’s talk about flooring for older aging adults.

Safety, of course, is the number one concern. Likewise, comfort is essential. To help with this are a few questions that you can ask yourself to aid in selecting the right flooring:

  • Does the floor have a non-slip surface, even when it is wet?
  • Can you maneuver easily across the floor using a wheelchair, walker or cane?
  • How much maintenance is needed to maintain the floor?
  • How does the floor feel underfoot?
  • Can the floor absorb shock in case there is a fall?

Consequently, it depends on where you are installing the floor. For instance, you would want a non-slip floor for your bathroom that is easy to maneuver on and maintain. Hallways are a frequent travel spot, so make sure it is easy to maneuver on with a wheelchair, walker or a cane. In a bedroom or living room, how it feels underfoot might be the most important. Above all, it all depends on individual situations.

Low pile carpets are better for maintaining balance. Plusher carpets allow for more bounce and movement, which can throw a person off balance.  Especially important for people with neuropathy.

There are a few flooring materials that aging adults should avoid. One of them is natural stone. It is hard material that requires regular maintenance to maintain. When wet, natural stone is extremely slippery. Unless you install it with a radiant heating system, natural stone can be cold. Ceramic or porcelain tile is extremely hard and cold underfoot. Tripping on uneven surfaces and grout joints can be hazardous. It is also enormously slippery when wet. Area rugs can be a severe tripping hazard because they can easily bunch up and tend to be slippery on hard surfaces. Moreover, with ALL types of flooring, keep the floors as flush as possible and avoid tall transitions between rooms or different flooring materials. Doing so will make maneuvering smooth and prevent tripping.

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