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Carpeting Your Stairs – The good the bad and ugly

Carpeting Your Stairs - The good the bad and the ugly

Carpeting Your Stairs - The good the bad and ugly

To carpet or not to carpet the stairs… that is the question. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to carpeting stairs.


Carpeting stairs can be attractive and protect hardwood from foot traffic. While durable, it also provides warmth and comfort. Carpet can be a quick fix to those unattractive, basic and builder-grade stairs. While carpeting won’t fix squeaky stairs, it can hide creeks. It can even reduce and eliminate noises, which is helpful to constant use with larger families.


Carpeting stairs will hide attractive hardwood. Also, nailing down tack strips will create holes in that beautiful hardwood and require refinishing or replacement to remove the damage. Stains, wear and tear need to be taken into consideration when picking colors and fiber type so that what you install will last. This might limit your décor choices. Many carpet manufacturers do not warranty carpeting used on stairs due to the high traffic. Some do, but often, they are excluded from coverage. Vacuuming and cleaning each carpeted step is time-consuming unless a cordless handheld or a vacuum with attachments are used.


Some say carpet is safer for children and the elderly when falling due to the fact the carpeting ensures the journey downward will be a little softer. While this is true, carpeting can also increase the risk of falling. Carpeting stairs can reduce depth perception and it actually shrinks the stair tread depth up to a half-inch. Certain kinds of carpets can be slippery, as well. Avoid thick carpets, carpets with loose or natural fibers, olefin and polyester on stairs.

As you can see, there are several factors to take into consideration when deciding on carpet or hardwood for your stairs. What might work for you and your family might not work for someone else. When installed correctly, both carpeting and hardwood are beautiful choices. Only you can make the decision of what will work for you and your personal style. Call Creative Carpet & Flooring or stop in and visit one of our showrooms today and our expert flooring consultants can help you make that step in the right direction.

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