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How to update your floors and add value to your home

Investing in essential upgrades can significantly increase the value of your home. A simple thing like the flooring can pay dividends. There are several different flooring types. So, what do you choose?

Carpet –

A new carpet could make the difference between selling the house for top dollar or having to give a significant discount. Old, outdated or damaged carpet could turn away potential buyers. If they are still interested, they will more than likely use the poor carpeting as a tool to justify a lower offer. You are better off just replacing your carpet and avoiding that whole scenario altogether. Honesty is always the best policy - be honest about the carpet needing to be replaced and offer a carpet allowance. The buyer probably won't ask for a discount if you are letting them know from the start you are giving a $3,500 carpet allowance.

Hardwood –

A home with hardwood floors can sometimes make a buyer's eyes grow wide. However, adding hardwood floors to a house won't make or break the value. What makes the difference is the design and type of hardwood. The pattern in which the planks of wood are placed can add or subtract from the appeal. Short planks in a cross pattern can look dated.  I can help remedy this by coming up with the perfect pattern and trend for your house and give it that WOW factor it needs.

Vinyl –

More people are going with vinyl over wood, laminate and ceramic tile these days. Not all vinyl flooring is soft, and some offer extreme scratch-resistance. They are inherently waterproof and straightforward to clean with just a regular sweeping and cleaning with water. These features can be a massive perk to potential buyers with children and pets. Plus, there is a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes equivalent to wood, marble and stone. If you are looking for budget-friendly flooring replacement, luxury vinyl is a great choice.

Tile –

Porcelain is the most popular choice when it comes to tile flooring. It's from the same family of ceramic tile with a few differences. Porcelain is a lot denser and less porous than ceramic making it more stain and water-resistant. It is also very popularly used in bathrooms combined with radiant heating. A heating system for your floor to keep your feet warm, what an excellent perk to a potential home buyer! I would recommend a glazed porcelain tile. The rainbow of colors available will match any decor. Not to mention that its hard-glazed finish protects and strengthens the tile making it denser. Any porcelain tile can withstand heavy foot traffic for decades. It's on the more expensive side but can be worth the price because of its stunning look and finish.

Laminate –

Laminate flooring can give that luxurious wood feel. It looks similar to hardwood and can be just as durable. If the condition of your current floors is good and not a lot of prep work is needed, it could cost half of what a hardwood floor would. Depending on the value of your home, installing laminate could raise your house value for a lower cost. A good quality laminate can sometimes last up to 30 years. The only drawback is that you can't refinish it.

Area rugs –

Area rugs are great to use in staging your home to show off some of its best features. An area rug can both cover up or show off your existing hardsurface flooring in any room, depending on what you are looking to achieve. Use an area rug to ground furniture or delineate a sitting area. A typical sofa and love seat configuration works best with a 5 x 8-foot rug. I wouldn't go any smaller than 4 x 6 foot. If you have a beautiful hardsurface flooring in your dining room, I would show it off rather than cover it with an area rug. However, if you do use one, make sure it is 24 to 30 inches wider than the table and chairs. Also, remember to leave 20 to 36 inches between the edges of the rug and the walls.

I would suggest contacting a professional real estate appraiser to advise you on how different improvements can influence your home's value. If they suggest flooring, please come and visit us at Creative Carpet & Flooring. If you are selling your home or want to add value to it for yourself, we'll work together to achieve your end goal!

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Dana is an experienced professional providing expert knowledge in all aspects of residential and commercial flooring. She has worked on large commercial jobs from residential remodels, small businesses and apartment buildings to assisted living complexes, hospitals and auto dealerships. With more than 13 years of flooring experience, no job is to big or small for Dana! Dana will be more than happy to provide you with flooring and design assistance in any magnitude. Dana is available for private consultations at our Highland, Indiana showroom.

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