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Vinyl flooring popularity and how long it can last

vinyl flooring popular last long

A quality vinyl floor that is installed correctly and maintained regularly can last 10 to 20 years or more. A majority of the quality vinyl flooring products are even rated for lifetime wear. Adding to its popularity is its resilience and attractive, innovative finishes.

If you are looking to refresh your home with fashionable flooring that is low-maintenance, vinyl is the way to go.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring offers the look, feel, durability and stain resistance of hardwood without the hardwood flooring cost. LVT is installed one piece at a time, making it easier to replace one if it gets damaged. Talk about a money-saving feature!

Quality is important. I suggest going with a thicker vinyl flooring material because it is more durable and longer-lasting. A thicker vinyl flooring could last over 20 years. A thinner one will last half that or less.

Caring for your vinyl flooring is important. It is essential to follow your flooring care and maintenance guide and invest in the cleaner your manufacturer suggests. It is a good idea to sweep or vacuum to remove dust and dirt before mopping. Doing so will help reduce scratches during cleaning. A definite must if you want your floors to continue to look like they did when first installed. The use of doormats at entrances will help lessen the amount of dirt tracked onto your floor.

Also, make sure you are careful rearranging furniture by lifting instead of dragging. The use of felt pads under furniture feet is also helpful. Feel free to contact me or any of our flooring consultants for more information and tips about vinyl flooring and how it could be an excellent option for your home. We have two locations to conveniently serve you - Mokena, Illinois and Highland, Indiana.

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Cody Bouquet Creative Carpet & Flooring Family Owned Business

Cody Bouquet (Residential & Commercial Consultant)

Cody is not only a flooring consultant, he is a qualified vinyl tile installer. Cody holds a certification for luxury vinyl flooring installation from Karndean Design Flooring. Being the youngest within the Bouquet family flooring business, he is no stranger to ANY type of flooring! Passionate about all that is flooring and its possibilities, Cody provides residential and commercial consulting services at our Mokena, Illinois showroom. Stop in for a consultation with Cody and experience the massive “Bouquet” flooring expertise first hand!

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