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Protecting Your Floors During the Summer

protecting floors during summer

Summer is fun for us, but not so much for floors.

Here are a few pointers so your floor can enjoy the summer just as much as you!

uv sun rays on flooring

The summer sun's UV rays can come through the windows and discolor the flooring and furniture it shines on. Some ideas to prevent this are keeping windows covered, using a UV protecting film on your windows or the use of awnings outside.

humidity and flooring

Watch your INDOOR humidity during the summer. Even with the air conditioning on, the Midwest humidity can still cause issues. Make sure the indoor humidity stays between 35% and 55%. The use of a dehumidifier is helpful. Continue to be careful because if it is too dry, that can also be bad.

summer and flooring

A dip in the pool or a run through the sprinkler is a staple of summer! However, try keeping that 'quick' run through the house dripping wet to a minimum. If you can't adequately dry off outside, make sure to dry off the floor immediately after you dry yourself off. Keeping an extra dry towel by the door can be a helpful reminder.

shoes mat floor

Playing in the sandbox or having fun in the dirt is a rite of passage as a child. For Fido, it is a way of life. Keeping doormats at all entrances is the way to go. Everyone wipes their feet or remove their sandals before they come in. A towel by the door for your barking friend would be a plus if you can wrestle him as he comes in. It would probably come in handy for kids as well!

protect floor furniture moving

Everyone loves a quick refresh of their home at least once during the summer. Just make sure to lift furniture instead of dragging it when you move anything. It's a good idea to clean the floors beforehand as well. Adding soft felt pads under items that get moved often, like chairs and table legs, will help avoid scratching.

vacuum floor

Most of all, regular cleaning is the number one way to protect your floors ANY time of year. On hardsurfaces, sweeping with a microfiber mop is good, but vacuuming with a hardsurface or soft bristle vacuum is even better. It avoids dragging the dirt particles like you do when sweeping, which can sometimes cause micro-scratches. However, you want to avoid ANY vacuums with plastic or rubber grippers or beater bars. Those can be too rough on ANY flooring surface.

soap and flooring

Another no-no is any soap product on carpeting. If you are not sure if it is soap-based, pour a dime size in your hand and rub it with your finger. If it suds up, it's not good to use. In general, you need to make sure you are using the correct cleaning products for all your flooring. Visit our Care & Cleaning Products page on our website for some recommended products that we stock at both our Mokena, Illinois and Highland, Indiana showrooms. Reference your flooring's care and warranty guide to make sure you use the correct cleaning products for your flooring. Visit our warranty and care guide on our website HERE if you do not have a copy. If you do not see your manufacturer, please contact us, and we will find it for you.

Enjoy the rest of your summer… we'll be talking about snow, salt and cold soon enough!

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