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Carpet Cleaning and Hardwood Floor Refinishing Myths

Carpet Cleaning and Hardwood Floor Refinishing Myths

There's tons of advice, myths and misinformaiton on cleaning your carpets refinishing hardwood.

Especially since everyone has access to the world wide web! We want to clear the air on some common myths out there on cleaning your carpets or refinishing your hardwood floors!


  • You shouldn’t vacuum your carpet too much. -

    Vacuuming does not destroy your carpet or make it thin. You can vacuum a carpet three to four times a week without a problem for a good number of years. Dirty carpet pollutes the air inside your house and could cause several ailments that your family could suffer from. It is necessary to vacuum your carpet regularly to keep your family healthy and your home clean.

  • Professional carpet cleaning can shrink carpet. -

    Most of today's carpet is made of nylon tied on a synthetic base. Since synthetics do not shrink even in hot water, there are no chances of your carpet shrinking or losing color due to steaming or hot water extraction. If you have a wool carpet, professionals know what to use while cleaning it so that it won’t lose color or size.

  • Carpet cleaning makes it get dirty faster. -

    Unfortunately, this is due to dirty cleaning. If your carpet does not get cleaned properly and remains of cleaning chemicals are left in it, then it is bound to attract more dust and grime than it was doing earlier. Also, if soap is used, soap is a magnet to collecting dirt. It is essential that the carpet is cleaned correctly and remains of the cleaning product are entirely removed. A properly cleaned carpet won't pick up any more dirt than it was doing earlier. The trick here is to hire an excellent professional carpet cleaning company that knows its job instead of trying to do it yourself or hiring cheap or incompetent people.


  • It’s just sanding your floor and applying stain. -

    For hardwood floor refinishing to be done correctly, it needs preparation, dust control, removing furniture and window treatments, nail setting, plugging dents and holes and possibly even broken board replacement. Hardwood floor refinishing isn't a simple DIY project, so don't be tempted to treat it as such.

  • Hardwood floor refinishing won’t do any good because my floors are badly scratched. -

    Most likely, it isn't as bad as you think and should be fine. Dents, nail settings, even holes can more than likely be repaired. Before scrapping the idea, have a professional take a look. It could extend the life of your current floor and avoid the expense of having to purchase a new one.

Carpet cleaning and hardwood floor refinishing shouldn’t be a DIY project. That can void warranties and possibly damage your floors. Professionals have the know-how, proper tools, products and procedures to avoid costly mishaps or injuries. Call one of our flooring professionals here at Creative Carpet & Flooring in Mokena, Illinois or Highland, Indiana for more information on all types of flooring maintenance. We’re more than happy to help you maintain your current flooring as long as possible.

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