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Thanksgiving Plans at Creative Carpet & Flooring

How some of our Creative Carpet & Flooring team will be spending their Thanksgiving this year!


"I am going a few hours south to be with my best friend’s family for Thanksgiving. Her grandpa owns a farm, so we will most likely be riding tractors, chasing chickens, and having a wonderful meal. After I go back home, I spend some time with my family too. (Possibly have some food there also.)"

~ Alexis Giganti, Administrative Assistant


"Jon and I are spending it with my moms’ side of the family out in Manhattan, IL. We are usually asked to bring some baked good, and this year is a cheesecake."

~ Autumn Blankenbaker, Highland Residential & Commercial Consultant


"Thanksgiving starts early for my brother and I as properly smoking a turkey can take up to 8 hours.  We prepare the bird and monitor the smoker on the driveway. Right around dawn, we begin the process by opening a breakfast stout. Nobody in my family knows this, but smoking a turkey is an easy hands-off activity after it gets going. We have never informed anyone of this however because If anyone found out, we would most certainly be tasked with the table set up, potato peeling, or whatever other shenanigans are going on inside. We do not concern ourselves with what goes on in there, but it sure does seem loud and hectic. My brother and I are instead very much consumed with the act of standing in complete silence, sipping, and enjoying the best morning of the year. After the turkey is cooked and carved, we join the rest of the group and begin the feast. A food coma nap quickly follows this until about Christmas."

~ Chris Boerema, Director of Operations


Cody Bouquet "I will spend Thanksgiving eating way too much food and watching way too much tv as I will be in Kentucky and there isn’t too much to do there."

~ Cody Bouquet, Mokena Residential & Commercial Consultant


"My Thanksgiving will be spending time with family and doing a ton of dishes since I do not cook 🙂 "

~ Dana Krizmanic, Highland Residential & Commercial Consultant


"I prefer to shoot my turkey, but I found out the hard way that the meat manager at my local grocery store does not appreciate that! It scares the other customers too much.  Heading south this year to meet my brothers at my dad’s in Alabama."

~ Dawn Churchill, Accounts Payable & Administrative Assistant


"We will have a straightforward Thanksgiving home this year with just me, my husband and the kids. After dinner, my husband and I are going to pack a few Thanksgiving dinners with what is left and bring it to a spot in Chicago where we frequently help out some homeless people. My husband is a truck driver and wants to bring some meals to some trucks that are laid over on the road away from family and friends as well. I think I am going to have to make some EXTRA food to make all of this happen!"

~ Dawn Giganti, Marketing & Administrative Assistant


"Thanksgiving we gather at my sister’s house the night before. Just the regular meal- mashed potatoes (homemade), turkey, green beans, cranberry sauce, stuffing, etc. We usually spend Thanksgiving Day at my in-laws’ home. We have dinner at 4 and have ham or turkey, green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes, stuffing, etc. I plan on making my Grandma's pumpkin pie recipe again this year- from scratch!"

~ Michelle Cress, Mokena Flooring Consultant


"Well, I was just recently informed that apparently, Thanksgiving is at my house this year."

~ Steve Williams, Highland Flooring Consultant


How will YOU be spending your Thanksgiving this year?

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