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How to create your own interior decorating shopping list

Decorating and interior design projects kick off with a little creativeness. It begins with jotting down design ideas and rough drafts. Once you have your thoughts organized, you can make your plan come to life. Creating a shopping list will help you get an idea of costs and putting together a budget, too. It can also help you make sure you don’t forget anything. Here is a little insight to help you get started.

Interior Design - Decorating

Brainstorm –

  • First of all, create an inspiration board. Fill it with magazine cutouts or print outs from the computer of your favorite rooms, furniture you like, favorite colors and materials. Pinterest and Houzz are a great resource.
  • Consolidate your color palette along with a summarization of materials, patterns and textures. This will be your base guide moving forward. This can be the overwhelming part. Experiment! Trending now is adding patterns to the floor. There is a vast variety of choice in flooring than ever before to help create the look you want.
  • Make a list of primary activities each room is used for and the necessities that are needed. For example, a desk for an office or a large table for game nights.

Prepare –

  • Pretend money is not a constraint and list out everything you want in the space you are decorating.
  • Draw out a few different floor plans with all the furniture and illustrate flow of your space. For example, if an area rug is incorporated, it should be smaller than the area of your furniture. It should complement, not take over your floor.
  • Picking one of the floor plans you just created, plot where you will be placing your lighting needs. Lighting is important because it can bring out the colors and improve the overall atmosphere.
  • Create a budget that you intend to stick with when it comes time to start making purchases.

Begin –

  • Itemize each furniture piece that you need to acquire. Before you order, check your measurements just to make sure they are correct.
  • Create a small list of a few items you would consider splurging on now or in the future.
  • Pick out your paint colors and finishes. Create your plan for what color goes where.
  • Make a list of accessories for the finishing touch. Maybe a contrasting decorative rug to draw attention to your focal point piece of furniture. Even more, make rug itself the focal point instead!

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