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The Floor is Hot Lava!

Remember when you were a kid and you’d scale the furniture because the floor was hot lava?

I’d throw the couch cushions on the floor to make my way to the kitchen to have lunch. After lunch, I needed those cushions to make my way back through the boiling hot lava to the safe sofa and continue my adventure.

Obviously, scaling the furniture (other than the sofa) isn’t exactly ideal. There are other ways you can create some safe “stepping stones” to hop on. Here are a few different ideas:

  • Colored paper cut into various shapes and taped to the floor (use delicate surface painter’s tape and test a small spot on your floor first).
  • Non-slip drawer liners cut into various shapes
  • Interlocking foam mat floor tiles

On those super-hot days this summer where you are hiding in the air conditioning or during a thunderstorm, this is ideal to keep the kiddos busy. You could get some good exercise for yourself in, too! Turn on some music and hop around. But don’t touch the floor… it’s hot lava!

We have carpet remnants available for fun activities like this as well! Feel free to swing by and see what hidden jem we just might have for your family!

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