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Summer Protection for Your Hardwood and Vinyl Flooring

The change of seasons can cause a change in your hardwood and vinyl flooring.

The fun of summer in the Midwest is here! The trees are finally full of leaves and flowers are in full bloom. With that brings rising temperatures andhumidity hardwood and vinyl flooring humidity. What can summer do to your hardwood and vinyl flooring?

Since natural wood can absorb moisture and expand when humidity levels rise, too much can make your hardwood floor start to buckle. Keeping your indoor temperatures between 60°- 80°F and humidity between 30-50% will help avoid this. Monitor humidity with an inexpensive hygrometer. Investing in a dehumidifier to pull out excessive moisture is a valuable investment to keep your wood floors happy. If you have hardwood in just a room or two, a portable dehumidifier would be sufficient. If you have it throughout the entire house, a whole house dehumidifier would probably be best. It would be an investment that will also help keep YOU happy and healthy, too. Avoiding mold, mildew and dust mites that all thrive on the humidity is an absolute must all around.

You might have opted for vinyl flooring instead of hardwood, but the Midwest weather can play havoc with that as well. The humidity might not affect vinyl, but the heat will cause expansion making the edges curl or buckle. Keeping your indoor temperatures between 60°- 85°F is your best bet in avoiding this from happening. Also, use window covers to block the direct heat from the sun during peak sunlight times. Another protective measure would be to add UV window film.

Keeping the indoors climate controlled can help avoid problems and expensive repairs. Usually, if you are comfortable, your floors probably are as well! Contact any of our expert flooring consultants for more information on helping you help your floors have a pleasant summer.

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