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Protect Your Home with Waterproof Carpet Backing

Not again! Fido had another accident on the carpet! Hopefully, you can quickly clean it up, and it won’t smell, but, you know liquids go right to the backing of your carpet and into the sub-floor. Talk about the worst! could have Shaw's LifeGuard waterproof carpet installed in your home.

Since we’re a flooring store, we can’t really tell you how to stop Fido from doing “his thing”. What we CAN do is help you save your floor. Did you know that there’s carpet out there now that can stop this from becoming a huge issue? It's Shaw's LifeGuard waterproof carpet.


Let me tell you about WATERPROOF carpet backing!


Shaw has a patented carpet backing called LifeGuard. The backing system really IS waterproof! Yes… really, Shaw's LifeGuard waterproof carpet repels liquids.  When those liquids find their way down the fiber, they won’t soak through the backing to create odor-causing stains that are almost impossible to remove. This will give you extra protection against odors and stains, so, if you have pets and kids, you can be assured your home will stay clean and fresh with LifeGuard carpets from Shaw Floors.

Stressing about Fido’s accidents on your carpet is a thing of the past with Shaw's LifeGuard WATERPROOF carpet backing. Come see me at our Mokena showroom, or any of my fellow flooring consultant friends here or in Highland. We can hook you up and help keep Fido out of the dog house! Pun totally intended ?


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