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Why is Wool Carpet the Cream of the Crop?

Wool is the usually the pick of the sophisticated and chic homeowner when it comes to carpet. Why is it considered such an extravagant, “cream of the crop”, fiber? You must not have heard about the number of advantages wool carpet has.

Wool Carpeting

Masland - Florentine in Sandstone

Here’s a few explanations why wool carpet is a cut above carpets constructed from other fibers.


Simply vacuum on a regular basis. Being a natural fiber, wool has a resistance to dirt because of its microscopic scales and natural oils.


Wool carpet is grown on sheep, so it’s natural and has minimal environmental impact when disposed of when you are ready to clean it out of your home.


If your wool carpet happens to ignite, it more than likely will extinguish itself because of its high nitrogen content.


Wool doesn’t let off harmful gases and naturally traps allergens until you vacuum them away. Wool carpet is preferred by people who suffer with asthma and allergies.


You can tell you are stepping on wool carpet because it is so plush, thick and incredibly soft. If you maintain it correctly, it will be just as plush 10 years from now as it was when you first had it installed.

wool carpet

Masland - Antelope in Beige


The insulation properties of wool lessen the acoustics of the room.


When you fall, wool carpet will be there to catch you! The plushness of wool can be helpful in minimizing injuries from falls. Great for the elderly and babies learning to walk.


Because wool is very difficult to flatten, footprints and furniture imprints are minimal.

Wool advantages are all natural and created to last. Here at Creative Carpet & Flooring, we are sure you will be delighted with its coziness and warmth for years to come.

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