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Easter BEFORE Creative Carpet & Flooring!

How do other people celebrate Easter? What did people do as children at Easter time? Is it different from their current traditions?

This year we interviewed some of the super fabulous Creative Carpet & Flooring Team members to find out, how did you celebrate Easter as a kid? Oh, and we asked for photo proof of any stories submitted (fun!). Michelle received bonus points because she incorporated some crazy carpet in her photos. It's a good thing, our carpet is timeless and in line with today's trends.

Here is a summary of the Easter interviews:

We’d always go to church that day as a family. It was just my mom, Dad, sister and me. Since I was in Sunday school we’d have a program where we sang in front of everyone at church- which I always dreaded. You know, the kind where you sing and had to do it with some silly choreography. I was shy as a child, so I HATED it. But anyways... when I was little, my sister and I always dyed eggs the night before Easter.  We’d open our baskets first filled with goodies like jelly beans, chocolate and little odds and ends of things. My mom would hide them around the house before we went to church. We’d go to church and then usually came home and just relaxed. Take a look at that awesome carpet!

~Michelle Cress
Flooring Consultant

My father would take me to Robert Hall and buy me a new suit and in the morning before church we would shine our shoes. I still have that old shoe box. Good memories.

~Gary Onate
“The Greatest Carpet Installer in the Chicago-Metropolitan Area”

I think my mother could not give up the "Easter bunny" routine until we were FAR too old.  I remember getting Easter baskets until high school probably! I mean, I’m not complaining.... candy is candy....

~Mark Bouquet Jr
Sales Manager & Sr. Flooring Consultant

Just the standard Easter basket, blah, blah, blah. Yawn.

~Dawn Churchill
Accounts Payable & Administrative Assistant

Every Easter was different for me, but the one that stands out the most was at my grandparent’s house in Mount Prospect. I was about 5 years old standing on a dining room chair staring into the backyard with my great-grandmother standing next to me. There was a rabbit in the grass and it looked like he was staring back at me. My great-grandma told me that he was the REAL Easter bunny making sure I was being good! She would share that memory we had together almost every time I saw her until the day she passed away. I think back of her fondly every single Easter since. My dad just told me this year that Grandma wasn’t being truthful, but he can’t fool me… I know it was the actual Easter Bunny!

~Dawn Giganti
Marketing & Administrative Assistant

As a child, every Easter we went to church and then brunch with the whole family. Lot of candy and pastel, fluffy dresses over the years. I don’t have any pictures… thank the Lord!

~Dana Krizmanic
Flooring Consultant

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