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18 Common Customer Flooring Questions Answered

1.  Are the installers your installers or are they sub-contracted?

Answer:  They are sub-contracted; however, we work with the crews we send out every day and have a steady working relationship with them, so they are technically sub-contracted but feel like employees. Our positive online reviews tell a better story than I do.

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2.  Is this in stock, how long will I have to wait?

Answer:  We will check stock and if it is available you are looking at about 2 weeks. Sometimes it can be sooner if needed but this is the average time. Our scheduling department will contact you once we have the logistics of your order and schedule the install prior to the material arriving.

3.  Will my dog tear this carpet up?

Answer:  A dog will destroy anything it wants to, I do not know your dog as well as you do so you will be the better judge. Hard surface might be a better option if that is a concern.

4.  How will this wear on stairs or in high traffic?

Answer:  Any carpet that is properly cared for should last as long as expected. Some carpets require more care, like vacuuming and cleaning, more often than others.


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5.  Will this show footprint and vacuum marks?

Answer:  All carpets, except for some loops, will show footprints and vacuum marks, to varying degrees. Some may show less than others and even colors will determine how well you see or don't see them.

6.  Do you have remnants?

Answer:  We do have a few remnants, but it depends on the size of the piece you need. We do have some roll stock, which is heavily discounted, so we can work with you on price, if needed.

7.  Is there a charge for you to come out and measure?

Answer:  We never charge for measuring, as that is the only way I can properly give you an accurate price on your project.

8.  What carpet will hide soil and stains?

Answer:  Multi-color carpets are usually the prescription here. Berber colors or tweeds can disguise soiling and even some small stains. Commercially, there are even specific fiber shapes than can distort the visual that makes it harder to see soil. (The shape of nylon is either tri-lobal or delta shaped; this shape I am describing is called 4 hole.)

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9.  What should I clean my carpet with?

Answer:  That depends on the type of stain and the type of fiber. There are guides available that can help you figure out which direction to go. Soap is usually not the answer.

10.  What are your hours?

Answer:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10 to 6; Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 8 and Saturday from 10 to 4.

11.  Do you install on Saturday?

Answer:  Yes.

12.  What does the wear warranty cover?

Answer:  More than 10% percent fiber loss is the common answer per the warranty guide.  On today’s carpets if this happens there is probably something wrong with the carpet, anyway, as this is an impossibility with most man-made fibers. If it does occur there is usually an exclusion in the fine print, such as pivot points, high traffic areas or stairs. We recommend referencing our Warranties & Care Guides page to see specifics and examples.

13.  What if my carpet is stained? What do I do?

Answer:  If you cannot get rid of a stain and have tried cleaning it yourself and professionally, then you would simply call our store. We would investigate it and file a claim with the mill, if necessary.

14.  Do you move furniture, take-up, and haul-away old material?

Answer:  Yes. If there is non-standard furniture such as pool tables, exercise equipment, large aquariums or pianos/organs there will be an additional fee to move those items.

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15.  I have squeaks, will the installer fix those?

Answer:  The installer is not a carpenter, but, for a small fee, he will try to screw down the source of the squeaks. We cannot guarantee this will ultimately fix the squeaks, but usually it works well enough.

16.   Can you double the padding?

Answer:  No, you shouldn't. No retail store or carpet mill will honor any warranty when this happens.

17.  What is the average price of carpet?

Answer:  Carpets range from anywhere from $2.00 sf to $12.00 sf, but I would say the average is around $4.50 sf. This price point will usually get you something good and durable. You can spend less and achieve the same, however, the luxury of the item may be less than desirable.

18.  Should I upgrade the pad?

Answer:  Not always; if you’re getting an 8lb or 6lb pad you should be fine. If you need a spill guard or are concerned about allergies, we can offer you pads that have those things.


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