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What Makes It Outdoor Carpet?

Carpet Belongs Outdoors Too!

Remember the days when outdoor carpeting looked like a sad, green grass knock-off gone wrong? Not only did it look bad, but green, blue, gray and sometimes black were your only color choices - not to mention the quality was not made to last. Outdoor carpet has come a long way since then with fiber improvement and high-density construction. These current durable styles are built to last.

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Outdoor carpet is constructed with olefin fiber. This is a synthetic fiber made from polyolefin, such as polypropylene or polyethylene. Olefin fiber is strong, colorfast, soft and resistant to sunlight abrasion. This is because the olefin fiber is solution dyed, meaning the yarn is dyed before the carpet is manufactured. It also usually has built-in UV stabilizers as well to limit fading. The fact that it can’t absorb water is what makes it moisture resistant and perfect for outdoors since it deters the growth of mold and mildew.

Outdoor carpet is commonly installed on wood decks or concrete patios where it is glued to the surface. Some outdoor carpet styles are even slip resistant making it great for areas that have a potential hazard when they get wet, like around a swimming pool, deck stairs and steps. A laundry room is another common place to install outdoor carpet. However, olefin fiber may resist water, but does NOT resist oil. That being said, outdoor carpet is not ideal in a garage or anywhere it can come in contact with oil.


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Vacuum on a regular basis just like you would your indoor carpet. Spot cleaning can be done with diluted bleach on 100% olefin, but use sparingly as it can harm the backing and adhesive. Calling a professional carpet cleaner, like Creative Carpet & Flooring, is your best bet.

That fake grass looking outdoor carpet has come a long way, enhancing and adding value to your home with endless possibilities inside and out. Visit a showroom to see the many assorted styles of today and make your outdoors (and indoors) a place of beauty to enjoy this summer!

Michelle Cress - Flooring Consultant, Creative Carpet & Flooring

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