How Waterproof is Shaw’s LifeGuard™ Carpet Backing?

A Pool Made From Carpet?

For all those active households with pets and kids, we all know that accidents are going to happen. Even with eyes in the back of your head, you can’t be everywhere at once and can guard your only home so much. Unfortunately, there isn’t an app to help you with that like there is for everything else. BUT … there is a flooring – Shaw’s LifeGuard® waterproof carpet! Yes, we said WATERPROOF, and it’s available here at Creative Carpet & Flooring!

Need another look? Shaw’s LifeGuard™ carpeting is not only waterproof, but WORRY PROOF! We can all use one less thing to worry about. How water and worry proof is it? One of Shaw’s retail partners in Texas built a pool and put this carpet to the ultimate test. Watch this amazing carpet up against 25,000 pounds of water:


Shaw's AnsoNylon Carpet

Shaw took it one step further… Shaw’s Anso® Nylon carpet is their premier carpet fiber with their patented R2X stain and soil resistance treatment. Combine Shaw’s R2X stain treatment with the LifeGuard™ waterproof carpet backing and the vast variety of color choice from the Anso® Colorwall collection, and you have yourself a stain-proof and waterproof carpet rainbow!

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