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Are Big Box Stores Really Cheaper?

Big Box Stores Aren't Necessarily Cheaper

The Big Box prices are not necessarily cheaper. They do a good job of making the appearance though. You really need to see the final bill as they typically like to put a lot of fine print add-ons that do not appear on the big price tag. In addition, if you could put a dollar amount on the stress you go through having to chase down your dealer, babysit your installer or be left on your own when dealing with warranty issues, the price you pay for “cheap” can be exorbitant! Value consists of so much more than just price.

Big Box stores do serve a purpose; however, for a specialty item such as flooring you might be better off checking the local shops for better value and service. Not only that, but when you buy from a local retailer, the hard-earned money you spend will stay in the community.

Stop Waiting in Big Box Stores

“Hello and welcome to the big box store. May I assist you in explaining the differences between these products?” is not typically a phrase that you will hear when entering one of these establishments.

Our Personal & Homelike Atmosphere

Our approach to assisting customers at Creative Carpet & Flooring is quite different. We pride ourselves in staying informed with the newest products and techniques to provide the best solutions for our customers while maintaining a more personal and homelike atmosphere.

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Tailor-Fit Flooring

When entering a store like ours, you will never find yourself waiting 10 or 20 minutes to be helped through the process of purchasing flooring. Because flooring is something that needs to be tailor-fit to work with your lifestyle, we find it incredibly important to get to know a little bit about you and your home!


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We Help Find What's Best for You

We do understand that it is a bit overwhelming to choose from all the different styles and products available in today’s market. We are here 100% to help you navigate through the sea of selections to find what fits best for you.

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