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What Makes One Carpet Better than Another?

Quality Materials & Performance

Construction and quality of materials used are the two factors in determining the overall performance of a carpet. What is better for one customer may not necessarily be better for another customer, and it is my job to help uncover that!

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Tailor Fit to Your "Better"

One thing that I like to clarify at the beginning of a consultation is what “better” means to that customer. Each construction of carpet and each fiber has its own set of characteristics that make it excel in certain areas, but they also can come with negative attributes if certain conditions in the home are present.

Get The Right Advice

A quality flooring consultant should be able to help navigate through all the fiber and construction types to help you arrive at a carpet construction that would serve you best while avoiding any negative attributes in other carpets.

What Are Your Desired Results?

So, it all depends on the desired end result. To give you an idea, let’s look at some of the attributes of carpet in general.

They can be:

  • Fashion ability
  • Construction
  • Twist
  • Colors
  • Softness
  • Durability
  • Stain resistance
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Low maintenance
  • Luxuriously comfortable and plush

Some people may focus on stain resistance more than any other attribute and may sacrifice on some or all the others. In this scenario, a customer might seek out the best stain resistant carpet, but not the best carpet over all. A seasoned flooring professional is trained to accommodate customers with the best solution for their situation.

~Mark Bouquet, Jr & Brian Berson
Flooring Consultants
Creative Carpet & Flooring

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